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The Definitive Nokia PureView 808 Video: Damian Dinning Interview

Like I mentioned in my PureView 808 hands-on post, I spent a good 15 minutes talking to Nokia’s imaging guru, Damian Dinning about the 41 Megapixel packing camera flagship, a device 5 years in the making. If there is one PureView 808 video that could get you info on everything from its conception, challenges, features and even the camera UI, then this is it.

Any questions? Let me know below.

Nokia PureView 808 Hands On

Nokia’s just made the sucessor to the widely regarded Nokia N8 official and it comes to us in the form if the Pureview 808. The number that shouts at everyone is its 41 Megapixel sensor. However, the real story is how Nokia uses that monstrous sensor to create the best camera phone on the planet. While the camera is the showstopper here, other noteworthy specs include a 4″ Clear Black display, a 1400 mAh battery, 16 GB of internal storage, HDMI out, a FM Transmitter, Secure NFC and Bluetooth 3.0.

I was able to track down Nokia’s imaging guru Damien Dinning for a definitive hands on with the Pureview 808. In the 12 minute video Damien takes us though what Nokia set out to achieve and how they made the decision to use  the Pureview technology. He then talks about the in and outs of the sensor and finally we get a look at the all new camera UI, which I must add is excellent. The interview with Damien is coming later here, but for now I’ll talk you through the device in full HD (YouTube link).

Camera Highlights:

  • 41 MP sensor with PureView imaging technology and Carl Zeiss optics
  • Video resolutions: Full HD (1920×1080) 30fps [Default], HD (1280×720) 30fps, nHD (640×360) 30fps
  • Lossless Zoom: 4x1080p [Default], 6x 720p, 12x360p
  • Frame rates supported: 15, 24, 25, 30fps
  • Stereo High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC)
  • Three shooting modes: Auto, Scenes, Creative
  • Integrated video editor for trimming video

More coming soon. Meanwhile I recommend you read the white paper on the PureView 808.

[Update: 16 minute hands on!]

Nokia Promises A Huge Show At MWC 2012

In the last two years, Nokia has stayed clear of the Mobile World Congress main event, instead preferring to setup a parallel gathering in Barcelona on the sidelines. But it looks like 2012 will change all that. Not only will Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop keynote at the biggest mobile event of the year, but Nokia will also be exhibiting their latest and greatest work in a huge 2300 square meters space on the App Planet floor.

The huge Mobile World Congress overlay can only mean one thing, new Windows Phone devices. While the first Windows Phone devices are expected in October during Nokia World, MWC 2012 will be the time when we’ll see the actual Nokia Windows Phone flagship, the first device that would have been created from a scratch with Windows Phone in mind.

Nokia’s focus is on the App Planet section of the MWC. The App Planet is MWC’s developer-focused “event within an event”, that targets the ever-changing and critically important mobile apps market. I suspect, we’ll see a lot of Microsoft presence there as well.

App Planet is open to all Congress attendees and will feature:

  • Exhibition – focusing on the latest technology from the fast-moving mobile application industry with more than 200 app-specific exhibitors;
  • App Developer Conferences (ADCs) sessions with partner-led keynotes, guidance and go-to-market knowledge on successful app development;
  • Networking – an ideal place for the developer community to connect, network and explore how to redefine mobile; and
  • App Challenges ñ competitions designed to engage the application community in creating cutting-edge mobile apps.

If I were a betting man, I would say that the MWC is when you can expect the Nokia N8 successor, the Windows Phone imaging flagship to rule them all. With only about two months to go, not to say Nokia World will be any less exciting.

[Source: GSMA, via: Mark Squires, Comms Director for Nokia]

Anssi Vanjoki – ‘The N97 Has Been A Tremendous Disappointment In Terms Of The Experience Quality For The Consumers’

In an ‘speaking from the heart’ interview to Rafe and Ewan at the Mobile World Congress, Anssi Vanjoki bit the bullet and talked about the N97, what went wrong and how it has been a huge nightmare for Nokia.

It is unheard of for a company to acknowledge their faux pas so openly but such an acknowledgement and a promise that they have learnt from their mistakes was heartning to see.

He promises that Nokia will make sure that Symbian^3 will be ‘perfect’. Whether or not they deliever time will tell, but Nokia’s not announcing something at the MWC shows that they are not rushing things.

While this is no compensation for the people who bought the N97 when it first came out, it still says something.

What Is MeeGo?

What is MeeGo? A new OS? The name of a very important partnership? What happens to Maemo after this? Is Symbian still in the picture for Nokia? Maemo 6?

  • MeeGo is the result of Intel and Nokia’s broad strategic collaboration announced in June 2009. Today, they have come together to create MeeGo, a Linux-based software platform that will support multiple hardware architectures across the broadest range of device segments, including pocketable mobile computers, netbooks, tablets, mediaphones, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems.

What Is MeeGo?

  • Maemo 6 will be MeeGo compatible, consider Maemo6 already a MeeGo instance. Nokia has not yet taken a branding decision on what to call Maemo 6 yet, MeeGo something or Maemo 6 itself.
  • MeeGo is probably the first OS to target multiple platforms right from the start and that will give it a distinct edge over others. This becomes even more awesome when you can switch devices (not just mobile phones, but say from a Nokia to a in-car infotainment system from a different manufacturer) and still enjoy the same apps.
  • While on the topic of apps, the Ovi Store will be the channel to market for apps and content for all Nokia devices, including MeeGo and Symbian-based while the Intel AppUpSM Center will be the path to market for Intel-based MeeGo devices from other device manufacturers.
  • MeeGo version 1 is expected the second quarter of 2010.
  • MeeGo builds upon the Moblin core software platform and reference user experiences, adding the Qt UI toolkit from Maemo.
  • MeeGo is an open source project hosted by the Linux Foundation that encourages community contributions in accordance with the best practices of the open source development model.
  • Maemo was based on ARM, while Moblin is for X86. This merger will mean that users get the best of both worlds.
  • According to Ari Jaaksi, VP NokiaWe will put all our force behind making MeeGo THE operating system” and “Nokia will ship tons of MeeGo devices, Intel, too. And others will use MeeGo in their devices. It is open, free, powerful and compatible.”

Intel & Nokia Merge Maemo With Moblin – Call It MeeGo

In a significant development in the convergence of communications and computing, Intel Corporation and Nokia are merging their popular Moblin and Maemo software platforms. This will create a unified Linux-based platform that will run on multiple hardware platforms across a wide range of computing devices, including pocketable mobile computers, netbooks, tablets, mediaphones, connected TVs and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Called MeeGo, the open software platform will accelerate industry innovation and time-to-market for a wealth of new Internet-based applications and services and exciting user experiences. MeeGo-based devices from Nokia and other manufacturers are expected to be launched later this year.

Intel & Nokia Merge Maemo With Moblin - Call It MeeGo

This announcement strengthens the Nokia and Intel relationship, and builds on the companies’ broad strategic collaboration announced in June 2009. Intel and Nokia now invite participation in MeeGo from existing Maemo and Moblin global communities and across the communications and computing industries.

“Our vision for seamlessly communicating between computing devices from the home, auto, office or your pocket is taking a big step forward today with the introduction of MeeGo,” said Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini. “This is a foundational step in our evolving relationship with Nokia. The merging of these two important assets into an open source platform is critical toward providing a terrific experience across a variety of devices and gaining cross- industry support.”

“MeeGo will drive an even wider range of Internet computing and communication experiences for consumers, on new types of mobile devices,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO, Nokia. “Through open innovation, MeeGo will create an ecosystem that is second to none, drawing in players from different industries. It will support a range of business models across the value chain, building on the experience and expertise of Nokia, Intel and all those who will join us. Simply put, MeeGo heralds a new era of mobile computing.”

MeeGo blends the best of Maemo with the best of Moblin to create an open platform for multiple processor architectures. MeeGo builds on the capabilities of the Moblin core OS and its support for a wide range of device types and reference user experiences, combined with the momentum of Maemo in the mobile industry and the broadly adopted Qt application and UI framework for software developers.

MeeGo also unites the robust worldwide Maemo and Moblin applications ecosystems and open source communities. For developers, MeeGo extends the range of target device segments for their applications. Using Qt for application development means that they can write applications once and easily deploy them on MeeGo and across other platforms, for example, on Symbian.

The Ovi Store will be the channel to market for apps and content for all Nokia devices, including MeeGo and Symbian-based, with Forum Nokia providing developer support across all Nokia device platforms. The Intel AppUpSM Center will be the path to market for Intel-based MeeGo devices from other device manufacturers, with the Intel® AtomTM Developer Program providing support for applications targeting devices in a variety of categories.

The MeeGo software platform, running on high-performance devices, will deliver a range of Internet, computing and communication experiences, with visually rich graphics, multitasking and multimedia capabilities and the best application performance. Since MeeGo runs on multiple device types, people can keep their favorite applications when they change devices, so they are not locked into one kind of device or those from any individual manufacturer.

MeeGo Hosted by the Linux Foundation

The MeeGo software platform will be hosted by the Linux Foundation as a fully open source project, encouraging community participation in line with the best practices of the open source development model. Intel and Nokia invite the respective members of Maemo.org and Moblin.org to join the combined community at MeeGo.com, as well as encouraging wider participation from the communications, computing and related industries. Developers can begin writing applications for MeeGo in Qt immediately. The first release of MeeGo is targeted for the second quarter of this year.

[via: Intomobile]