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Ducati Moto Speeding Towards N-Gage

Being a huge fan of racing games, I’m glad to inform you that Ducati Moto is speeding towards an N-Gage launch and that you will soon be able to rev up for some road racing action. Ducato Moto is produced by Vir2L Studios and it is already available across a few other platforms.

Ducati Moto N-Gage

The game features 15 tracks across five exotic locations that provide the perfect platform for the world’s most extreme racing machines to do what they do best, whether they’re tearing through the streets of Hong Kong, burning up the sun-baked desert roads of Morocco or powering through the towering cliffs and coasts of Amalfi.

With five challenging Championship Events, including Time Attack, Race, Eliminator, Race Line and Stunt Challenge, and eight colourful riders to choose from, Ducati® Moto on N-Gage is truly a petrol-head’s paradise. What’s more, with regular checks of the innovative N-Gage Arena Rankings, budding bikers can ensure they stay well ahead of the field.

I am curious to try this one out for myself and see if the game will match up to its claim, meanwhile we’ll be sure to tell you more as soon as we have some specifics.

N-Gage Deals In Million Dollar Poker

This one’s for you if you are a Poker fan, Million Dollar Poker feat. Gus Hansen is now available on N-Gage. This is the third poker based game on N-Gage after World Series of Poker Pro Challenge and Cafe Hold’em Poker, but the only one that supports online multiplayer gaming.

Million Dollar Poker

The game weighs in at just 1MB and is available via the showroom tab in the N-Gage application. The game also has a website of its own where you can get ringtones and a custom theme for your handset.

Here are a few ‘game features’ from the official site:

  • The only poker game on N-Gage with Online Multiplayer!
  • Face others around the world in several game modes
  • New generation of Artificial Intelligence developed with the poker legend, Gus Hansen
  • Regardless of your ability, you’ll face a multitude of challenging opponents with many different profiles, toying with your nerves by using advanced poker techniques (slow play, check-raise, etc.)
  • Launch your Pro Career with tips from the legend himself, Gus Hansen

Contest: Zombify Your Way To Two N96’s & The Tokyo Games Show

Nokia and Capcom have come together to create Zombie Singles, a dating website for zombies which is based on the N-Gage game Resident Evil Degeneration. Apart from the concept, what is really interesting is the contest they have running. The winner chosen by a panel of ‘zombie experts’ will win a fully paid trip for two to Japan as well as two N96 handsets, a Capcom prize pack that include passes to the Toyko Games Summit, and the chance to meet some of the creative genius behind the Resident Evil franchises. Now that’s a lot.

Contest: Zombify Your Way To Two N96's & The Tokyo Games Show

All you need to do in order to enter is upload or create an awesome zombie using ‘The Zombifier’ on the website and create a profile. Entries will be judged on the basis of the ‘Gore-factor’ and the creativity of your photo along with the number of fiends and your ‘bore or gore’ rating.

Remember the last date to enter is July 1st, so you better hurry! Click here to get started!

No Full Screen N-Gage Gaming On The N97 As Yet

A video of the N97 running the N-Gage application has just popped up on a Chinese website and it confirms what I had been thinking all along. The N-Gage games will run on the N97 in the 4:3 aspect ratio and the full screen will not be utilized, for now at least.

This is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. The good thing is that the entire catalogue of N-Gage games should be available right from the start so you can get gaming the minute you get your hands on the device. The bad part is obvious, full screen gaming would have been so much more fun.

I am still hopeful that we will see developers taking full advantage of the N97’s 3.5″ screen, but till then we’ll have to make do with the 4:3 experience. Here’s the video.

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[via: AAS]

Screenshots Of The N-Gage Client On The Nokia N97

Good news for the gaming enthusiasts, if these indications are to be believed the Nokia N97 will be running N-Gage by the time it hits stores worldwide. The client is already ready and it looks exactly like the one available on other S60 3rd Edition devices. The last time I had a virtual play with the Nokia N97, there was no N-Gage despite a folder titles ‘Games’ being present, this time I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are a few screenshots of the client as seen via Forum Nokia’s RDA. There was only one game ‘Asphalt 4 – Elite Racing’ installed.

N-Gage On The Nokia N97


N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97

N-Gage On The Nokia N97
N-Gage On The Nokia N97

Unfortunately, this was the last screen I was able to reach. After this the device didn’t load the game. I suspect this was due to the fact that I was accessing it remotely via the RDA. The right options bar seems to be able to house shortcuts to three most played games, that’s the reason I think the Asphalt 4 is there.

Is N-Gage an important factor for your N97 purchase decision?

You Can Now Buy N-Gage Games From Your Nearby Nokia Store

I still remember talking about this at the Mobile World Congress in 2008, and it has finally become a reality. You can now buy a N-Gage game from your nearby Nokia Priority Dealer if you are in India. N-Gage games are currently available at Nokia Priority Dealers across 9 cities – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi (NCR), Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune. These vouchers will hopefully be making their way across the whole of India soon.

Buy N-Gage Games From A Nokia Priority Dealer

There you have it, you no longer need the Internet or a Credit Card to get hold of the latest N-Gage titles. The games will be available in the following denominations. The price may vary for some of them.

  • Rupees 49 for a 1 day pass
  • Rupees 149 for a 7 day pass
  • Rupees 299 for a full license ($6 approximately)

This method is in addition to the Oxicash service that was launched a few weeks ago. I will be heading out to a Nokia store near me to check this out, hopefully I’ll be able to get you some pictures as well.