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New Nokia N79 Firmware v20.175 Now Available – ChangeLog Inside

On the heels of the N85, Nokia has just rolled out a new firmware for the Nokia N79. The v20.175 firmware brings changes similar to those on the N85. The standby email plugin to show your emails on the standby screen makes an appearance, so do turning controls which now allows you to flip to silence incoming calls alarms, an internet telephony set up and an email wizard to setup your Nokia Email or Nokia Messaging also find their way to the device. Full changelog below.

The new firmware is available over-the-air (OTA) by simply pressing *#0000# from the standby screen and checking for updates. (Detailed guide on how to update OTA here). The phone features user data preservation (UDP) so your data should be fine even after the update, however a backup never hurts. The update should also be available via the windows only Nokia Software Updater.

Bugs fixed:

  • Cannot display sim contact on U-Sim (1000 contact sim card) when switch another UI language
  • Dialing 110 customer care phone redirect the call to be an EMERGENCY CALL
  • Music plays in speaker when receive sms under silent mode
  • Smartone foneTV video not restore after end MT call
  • Audio is improperly routed from headset to speaker when receiving a SMS message
  • Phone hang during accessing Nokia Maps application in SW 11.049
  • Cant access sim card contacts
  • Can’t input Chinese character “丁” by stroke input
  • Themes: Audio Themes, when select Nokia – “Several sound files Missing” appears

New Features:

  • Bookmarks updated to remove Download link folders
  • MTP configuration to enable Social Cinema support
  • TARM in 3.2 based devices
  • Email plug-in functionality
  • 7-bit encoding of Turkish characters in SMS
  • TP Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
  • Media player default settings changes
  • 2 New vanilla CTRs, called: EGYPT NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
  • 2 new codes : SYRIA NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
  • Memory card ID change for Indonesia CTR’s. was MC001 and changed to –> MC002
  • Update Bookmarks for China PRC Vanilla Core SW
  • Files on Ovi Widget
  • S60 3.2 based devices – Making Gimlet visible in Settings Wizard selection
  • Turn “PnP Mobile Services”  On
  • S&S Application updates
  • MPX player not accessible when USB cable connected

SW improvements and corrections:

  • Active Idle
    • Search & WLAN information difficult to read in Active Idle.
    • Active Idle screen becomes blank in landscape mode.
    • Default Active Idle shortcuts configured.
    • Active Idle going dead after quickly accepting and rejecting an incoming video call.
    • White boxes shown on the screen while doing orientation change quickly in idle mode.
  • Application Manager
    • The sis file which is installed to MoviNand or SD card cannot be seen in application manager.
    • Wrong Feature Manager flag used for seamless link functionality.
    • Flashlite sis installation is not successful in the first attempt.
  • Application Update
    • Unable to upgrade graphic icons in Media Player / Media Settings via sis file.
    • Unable to upgrade ROM based UI application by installing new version to memory card.
    • Application Update self-update never completes.
    • Upgrade of BrowserAudioVideoPlugin.rsc via sw installation is not possible.
    • Upgrade of Connection Manager via sw installation is not possible.
  • Audio Performance
    • Tunings improvements for IHF audio.
    • Keypad tones cannot be tuned for IHF.
  • Auto-Rotate
    • UI Accelerator toolkit (Hitchcock/Alfred) stub file missing.
    • Locking keys and then opening camera reveal confuses orientation sensor.
    • Disable orientation in alarm ringing, incoming call and semi active state.
    • Panic after orientation change.
  • Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth headset disconnects when Wireless Keyboard is disconnected from the phone automatically.
    • Phone panics when changing views in Bluetooth menu while choosing the last connected device from paired view.

via: AAS and ChangeLog via: Spazio Cellulare

N85 & N79 Support Pages Online – N85 Possibly On Sale In Italy

N85 & N79 Support Pages Online - N85 Possibly On Sale In Italy

Just a few days ago, the support pages for both the N85 and the N79 had become available on the Nokia Support site and today AAS brings news that Nokia Italy’s online shop currently has the SIM-free N85 listed as “in stock” with a price of 439 Euros plus taxes.

Usually, the appearance of support pages means that the device is close to shipping and today’s Nokia Italy sighting further backs this up. Although this may be a mistake, but we can still get our hopes up for a worldwide release soon. Meanwhile, if you can wait – the user manuals on the support pages should be a good way to kill some time at least.

Initial Impressions Of The N85 & N79

First of all, I am absolutely miffed at not being able to attend the virtual launch of these devices as such events are something that Nokia is really good at and second it gives people from all around the world, an opportunity to interact with the people behind the scenes. I really hope at least some of you would have been able to tune in and Nokia makes them a regular feature, at random – just to get the pulse.

Now that the initial euphoria that accompanies every device launch has died down, I have been able to collect my thoughts on the impact these devices will have on the market and also at a more micro level.

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The N79 & N85 Out – Official Release Tomorrow

As is usual for Nokia these days, one day before the official announcements, details and watermarked Conversations press photos of the N85 and the N79 are out in the open. Both these handsets are music & camera centric and are successors of the N81 and the N78 respectively.

The N85 bears a striking resemblance to the upcoming N96 and adds another number to the growing list of Nseries sliders. The handset will feature a 2.6 OLED screen, which boasts of a faster response time, lower power consumption and faster refresh rate than LCD, which helps in fast motion video and gaming. Other specifications include:

  • HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2.6″, QVGA (240×320 px) 16M color AMOLED display
  • 5 megapixel camera with geotagging support
  • Built-in GPS and FM transmitter
  • 3.5 mm headhone jack
  • Dedicated gaming and music keys
  • Nokia Maps, 10 N-Gage demo titles with 1 licensed game for free
  • An 8GB card in the box

The N79 on the other hand in spite of being a candybar for the style conscious, packs features similar to the N85 (5MP camera, GPS, FM transmitter). It will also see the return of Xpress-on covers, with two front and five back colours and styles being shipped in the box and a mechanism which integrates the phone covers with the handset’s themes.

Nokia this time also seems to have powered its Nseries line of devices with decent batteries, the N85 will feature an impressive 28 hour music playback, while the N79 promises 24 hours. The N79 is expected to retail for around €350 (£279), while the N85 will cost €450 (£358).

The official launch is expected tomorrow.

When: August 26, 2008 @ 11am Finnish time (10am CET)
Where: Nokia Events

Via: Unwired View

Leaked Images Of The N79 & Even More Pictures Of The N85

Today is one hell of a leaks day. The iPhone is being drowned by these images. After the N85 and the 5800 Tube, here comes the N79 not in one but two colour variants. Plus there are even more images on the N85 double slider. Details are thin on the N79 but might I say if this thing is really authentic, I am not really impressed. What do you think? More images of the N79 and N85 below.

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