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Video Editor On The N8 Shown Off – Rivals The Upcoming iMovie App For iPhone 4

Part two of the N8 demo that Nokia Conversations promised has landed and it sees Chris Bennetts, Senior Project Manager at Nokia show off pinch and zoom for 12 MP stills, the photo editor, the video editor and USB on the go. What really caught my eye was the video editor which is pretty impressive considering we are editing 720P HD video that even my Mac treats with respect.

The video editor lets you add both photos and videos to the timeline, trim videos within the timeline, add captions as well as a bunch of transitions in a very intuitive manner. The kind of stuff that Steve Jobs showed off in yesterday’s iPhone 4 keynote and got people gasping. No wonder Apple catches everyone’s eye, they don’t keep gems like these for non occasions.

On a related note, Engadget published faceoff between the iPhone 4, Evo 4G, Palm Pre Plus, HD 2 and the N8 and it may surprise you to find out that the N8 did exceedingly well. One more thing, the N8’s video editor comes for free while you pay $4.99 for the iPhone’s iMovie.

Hat tip to My Nokia Blog for the video.