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The Nokia N8 Gets Its First Mod: HD Capture At 30 FPS & Less Image Compression

What happens when the person who single handedly supported the i8910, when Samsung had forgotten about it, gets a Nokia N8? Mods. It has been barely a day since hyperX got himself a N8 that the mods have started to flow. He has managed to mod the N8 to shoot at 30 frames a second instead of the 25 FPS that it does out of the box. This results in a video that looks very smooth even during fast pans.

He’s been kind enough to upload the raw sample so that you can see for yourself. Unfortunately neither VLC or QuickTime could verify the exact frame rate for me, however I’m willing to place my trust in his claim and the video does look smooth. I uploaded the video to YouTube, but YouTube’s post processing ensures that the video doesn’t retain its smoothness. Its best if you download and see it for yourself.

The Nokia N8 Gets Its First Mod: HD Capture At 30 FPS & Less Image Compression

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The next mod that he’s carried out is to do with the stills. The average 12 MP image that the N8 takes is around 2 MB is size, but he has reduced the compression dramatically and his image comes comes in at a whopping 11 MB. Does it improve the quality? It is difficult to judge from the single sample that he’s provided, but the image does look amazingly detailed even when zoomed in completely.

Before you ask, there are no instructions on how to do this yet. But with hyperX rocking a N8, the modding scene does look bright. What mod am I looking for? One that boosts the FM transmitter to crazy levels, without frying the chip of course! You?