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Sunday Watch: The N8 Stars In A Bunch Of Videos

A pretty large bunch of videos showing off the N8 has popped up over the last one week. Some demoing it in general, some not demoing it but showing what you could do with it and so on. The first on the list is the viral video that Nokia’s itself released, they ask if this is the greatest foosball match ever played and if you watch the video, you will have to agree.

The next is a much more general overview of the N8, the browser, multitouch, music player, camera and so on. While its in a language most of us do not understand, you should still be able to easily make out what is happening.

Following on we have a teaser of the Asphalt 5 game that Gameloft’s been developing for the N8. It supports both multitouch control and accelerometer navigation. Impressive.

The last is a small Ovi Store and Wikitude demo, the reason I’ve put it here because it might just be showing off the reboot of the Ovi Store that was promised a while back.

Do keep in mind that these videos have been shot on prototype hardware and software and the final product should be even better. Any thoughts?

Pinch To Zoom Demoed On The Nokia N8

One new functionality that Symbian ^3 brings to the N8 is multitouch; so far we have seen very little of how well it actually works on the N8, so much so that even the official promo videos did not show it off much.

But as is usually the case, a video of an N8 in the wild has popped up showing how well the functionality works. The auto rotation of the web browser seems to be disabled but You should still be able to make out the smooth zoom.

There is still a lot of time for Nokia to work on the software for the N8, and I am sure by the time it actually hits the market (Q3) the performance will be a lot better.

Hat tip to @Camb078 for the find. [via: Daily Mobile]