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The Nokia N8 Stars In Probably The Coolest Unboxing Of Our Time

The Nokia N8 Stars In Probably The Coolest Unboxing Of Our TimeI have already brought you some delicious unboxing pictures of the Nokia N8, but whatever you have seen until now pales in comparison to what Nokia have done here. They’ve made a super interactive N8 unboxing that features Brenda, Suzy (who claims she’s hot! & I don’t disagree at all!) and Ryan to unbox the Blue, Dark Grey and Green N8 in what is a first of its kind video.

You can pick an unboxer of your choice and they then go onto unbox the N8 in their own style and have different options to go into the detailed functionality. I suggest watching all versions as they not only are entertaining but so well executed that I virtually guarantee that you will want a N8 once you are done watching them.

But if that wasn’t cool enough, Nokia also got Ryan to send me a personal message about the Nokia N8 unboxing video. Thanks a ton guys!

What do I make of this unboxing? I doubt anyone will want to watch the usual blogger unboxings anymore! But on a more serious note, its great to see Nokia come out with such an aggressive campaign, a couple of notches over the N900 version. The N8 story should be loud, brash and even abrasive. Nokia has to once again become that cool, talked about company and videos with Pamela Anderson and unboxings such as the above are certainly the way to go.

Credit where its due – Nokia Marketing, you guys deserve a pat on the back for this one. Really. Oh, just one more thing, make sure pre-orders are a go everwhere you want to sell this thing. People will want one.