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Had To Be Said: The N8 Is Awesome

It is after a long time that I am really getting excited about a Nokia Symbian device. Infact, the N8 is the new N95 for me. You look at the hardware and you fall for it, but what is making me really happy is the software that’s bringing something new to the table. This is my second post on the same subject in a short while so you can tell I am excited.

Had To Be Said: The N8 Is Awesome

Infact, with the N8 Nokia’s truly stepped into the portable computer market. A netbook allows you to browse the web, chat, do a bit of office work, watch a movie and the like. The N8 also lets you do all of that but with the ability to use a HDTV and is no where the size of a netbook. You can even plug a USB thumb drive into it for moving data across. But what really makes my day is the fact that it even supports the use of a BT Mouse and Keyboard at the same time and what is even more awesome is the fact that the support for the mouse is pretty extensive. It works throughout the device be it the music player, the homescreen, office apps and it can pretty much replace your finger. A right click on the mouse brings you to the homescreen and you can even scroll lists on the phone with the mouse’s scroll wheel.

Senario: You have the N8 plugged in to an HDTV via HDMI and have a 720P movie downloading from ‘Ovi Movies’. You push that to the background and connect a BT Mouse and Keyboard to you can go sit down on the couch. Then you browse the web, (which is turning out to be very convenient because of the mouse support) and suddenly realize that you have a reply to send, so you type in a quick email, pickup the attachment from the pen drive that’s connected to the N8 and fire it off. Meanwhile the movie which you had sent to the background has completed downloading, you hit play right from the couch. If that is not awesome, tell me what is?

The movie here could easily have come from the flash drive or your favourite torrent. You could also have edited a word document, or some video with the N8’s inbuilt video editor or a thousand things developers can think of.

My friend Michael Hell was able to capture a video showing the BT Mouse and Keyboard in action, have a look for yourself.


The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian – Something I Have Wanted For Ages

The one thing that I have always wanted on my smartphone was the ability to transfer data off my flash drive/portable hard disk without having to use a computer. Infact, I wrote a post way back in April 2008, requesting it. Come 2010 and my request has finally been heeded to – the N8 supports USB On-the-go.

The N8 Brings USB Reading Capabilities To Symbian - Something I Have Wanted For Ages

This means that you can plug in any USB stick/hard drive into the adapter that comes with the N8, connect it to the device and transfer data on the go without needing a PC. The only limit being that you will not be able to transfer files of more than 4GB due to the FAT 32 limitation, apart from that its game on. (This will also obviously not work with hard drives that need an external power supply).

At the just concluded Q&A I was also able to find out that the N8 captures one minute of HD video in about 60 MB, which means you could easily shoot a video clip of over 30 minutes and still be able to transfer it without needing a computer. Great for times when you are on a holiday and want to travel light.

The N8 has loads of small things that I am really excited about – Bluetooth 3.0, it is also the first penta band 3G device (WCDMA 850/900/1700/1900/2100) so no need of having a NAM edition, this will mean consistent firmware updates. What do you like the most about the N8?