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N8 Producers: Shooting Video On Your N8 Could Get You A Zero Gravity Flight Experience

The #N8Producers Competition has just gone live and what’s on stake is a zero gravity flight experience for 8 people from anywhere in the world.

N8 Producers CompetitionTo put it simply, you shoot some awesome (read as: innovative, creative and exciting!) video on your N8, share it and if it finds a mention in the top 8 submissions you and a friend (that’s 16 people in total) will be headed to an exclusive N8 Producers Zero Gravity flight in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

But what if you don’t have a N8? Don’t worry, just head over to this page submit your idea and you could get a N8 Producers trial pack to make the idea a reality. You have time till January 31st 2011 to submit your entries, but if you need a N8 trial pack then the last date to submit your idea is the 10th of Jan. The winner will be announced in early February.

If you were wondering about the trial pack, well here is what it could look like. Instead of wrist strap you could also get a waterproof case, helmet strap and so on.

N8 Producers Trial Pack

Head over to the N8 Producers site to get started.