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Its Time To N-Gage – The Platform Goes Live

N-Gage N-Gage 

Ladies and Gentelman its time. The N-Gage platform has just gone live, the rebirth is complete. The application is now officially available for the N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95 and N95 8GB models.

Here is the (un)official announcement from the N-Gage Blog.

“We are live! The games, the devices, and the community are all here for you to finally get your teeth into. The Forums are back up and the new N-Gage application is here. There will be an official announcement on Monday, but for you, the N-Gage faithful we wanted to let you know we’re up and running! So come join our moderators in the Forums for our launch party, and start enjoying the next generation of mobile gaming.”

Meanwhile Ricky Cadden reports that the installation takes a long time and does not include any games and that the application works on the US N95-3 also. The showroom menu has the following games up for download. I personally am looking forward to Asphalt 3. What were you waiting for?

  • System Rush Evolution
  • Asphalt 3: Street Rules
  • Brain Challenge
  • World Series Poker
  • Hooked On
  • Go Play!

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    Finally N-Gage Goes Live – Partially!

    N-Gage Goes Live 

    The N-Gage brand has finally woken up from the big slumber that Nokia had put it into following the not so sucessful N-Gage devices. The new gaming platform which is compatible with devices such as the N81, N95 Lineup, N73, N82 etc has now been made available for the N81 only.

    The probable reason behind this move is to keep the numbers manageable and make bug rectification easier but I as a user would have liked to be a uniform launch; although the internet modded file that enables usage on other compatible handsets is available in the across the internet. (Thanks Ricky)

    The default ‘get started’ pack includes:

    – N-Gage application (required) (6.3MB)
    – Space Impact: Kappa Base (11.7MB)
    – System Rush: Evolution (13.2MB)
    – Hooked On: Creatures of the Deep (28MB)

    Download! the client here. From the looks from things the application looks nice and intutive but how sucessful it will be depends on how it will be received when v1.0 goes live across all phones as that will be the time the user base will grow and the community features such as IM etc would come into play more.

    For a detailed coverage and screenshots look up this post by Ewan and this one by Rafe.

    N81 Reflections: Part II (Travelling With The N81!)

    N81 8GB Special Edition 

    I have been out of town for the last few days and have had very little access to decent speed internet, not to mention scarcity of free time. However now all of that has changed, well apart from the internet! What this period of travel allowed me to do was explore the possibilities of the N81 as a travelling companion.

    Am I happy? Yes, but it would be a qualified yes and here is why:

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    N81 Reflections – Part I (Physical Aspects)

     N81 8GB Special Edition

    I have been using the N95 as my primary device for well over six months now. Needless to say I am used to it and also to the new v20 firmware which has made it an almost different phone. Two weeks ago I shifted to the N81 with mixed results. While there were a lot of things that I missed at first, but gradually the gap is getting smaller as I get used to it.

    Both devices are based on the same S60 v3 platform and share the same Feature Pack 1. Therefore in essence they are almost identical as far as the software part of it is concerned and the switch application about which I had written earlier  takes care of my data very efficiently and takes it out of the equation. In this series of posts I will talk about what did I gain/loose in my journey from the N95 to the N81 and in the process try and bring out what the N81 stands for!

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    N81 (+ Bose QC3) = Musical Bliss!

     N81 Music Review

    I do not have words to describe what I feel. I am supposed to be working on something very important right now, yet I simply cannot get myself to do that! For last one week, I’ve heard more music than I usually listen to in months. I am addicted, its that bad!

    The N81 8GB special edition ships with Bose Quiet Comfort 3 noise cancelling headphones in addition to the usual accessories that come with the device. This changes the equation completely. It took me an hour or so to set up the N81 8GB for use as my primary device and then a two hour charge for the headphone’s battery and I was good to go.

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    81 Pictures Of The N81 Special Edition!

     N81 8GB Special Edition

    I am late and I am sorry for the delay! A few days back I had promised I’ll try and do a pictures only post soon but sadly couldn’t keep up with work and hence the delay. But here they are, 81 Hi Res pictures of the beautiful N81 8GB Special Edition. Here is what those pictures cover:

    • Unboxing
    • Box Shots
    • Box Contents
    • N91 Comparison
    • N95 8GB Comparison
    • N91–N91-8GB–N95–N81-8GB
    • Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones

    A few random shots after the break, for the rest jump over to this Flickr Set, Slideshow Here!

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