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MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test [N9 v SGS2 v iPad 2]

HTML5 seems to be the new buzz word for the cool kids, with most manufactures moving from Flash to HTML5 for their video streaming and other needs. So with that in mind, I though it’d be good to see how MeeGo/Harmattan, Android and iOS perform in an HTML5 faceoff.

The devices used for the purpose are an N9, the Galaxy S2 and Apple’s iPad 2. Here is how each of them perform. The tests were done by pointing the browser to html5test.com and noting the score out of a maximum of 450 points. You might be surprised by the results!

Lets start with iOS and the iPad 2, running iOS 4.3.3:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test

Followed by Android and the Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread 2.3.3:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test

And finally the MeeGo/Harmattan and the Nokia N9 running pre-release software:

MeeGo v Android v iOS HTML5 Test


Surprised by the results? Its some times hard to believe that Nokia is the same company that makes the Symbian browser! To recap:

  1. MeeGo/Harmattan: 283 and 14 bonus points.
  2. iOS: 217 and 7 bonus points.
  3. Android: 184 and 1 bonus point.

Finally some trivia, the latest Firefox 5 turns in a score of 286 and 9 bonus points, Safari tuns in 253 and 10 bonus points and the Symbian^3 browser, barely manages 36 points!

The Nokia N900 had a great browser and it seems Nokia’s made it even better with the N9!

[Update: Some people will say that its unfair to compare existing products with upcoming ones, and I agree. So for some perspective, as @coolkamio informs me on Twitter, iOS 5 manages a score of 304 + 9].

[Update 2: I’ve updated the N9 scores, based on the results from the Nokia Conversations post].