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Ansel-A Is A Powerful Photo Editor For The N900

The N900 comes with a pretty basic photo editor that allows you to crop and resize, but if you want to do a bit of quick colour correction or editing, you were pretty much out of luck. Enter Ansel-A by lostinmirkwood.

Ansel-A Is A Powerful Photo Editor For The N900

It is a ‘digital darkroom’ for the N900 that can perform:

  • Filtered-Black-&-White-Conversion
  • RGB-Color-Correction
  • Brightness, Saturation, Contrast and Sharpening
  • Pixel-level-Cropping (Portrait is still a little fishy)
  • Tonal Shadows/Highlights
  • Kinetic Photo Browser
  • 360-Degree-Precision-Rotation
  • EXIF-Browser-with-maps
  • Unlimited-Visual-Undo
  • Is Multi-Platform (Qt4.6, PyQt)

By looking at the above list if you are not quite sure as to what the software does, the following video should help.

The app takes a little while to load because it pulls recent images from the camera roll, you can also load more images or manually select the one you want. The controls are intuitive and you always have the safety of undo when you try and experiment. Some actions like rotation, are pretty impressive and not not many apps support editing so extensively.

Ansel-A is available for installation from extras-testing and is virtually a must have if you consider yourself a photographer of any kind. The best part is that the developer is taking feedback, bugs and feature requests, so if you like the app get involved at this TMO thread or leave a comment on his blog.

Maemo Select: Applications, Themes & Wallpapers For The N900

Yesterday we told you about Maemo.org’s Maemo 5 application page going live and today brings even more good news. Maemo Select, a section on Nokia’s Maemo site that highlights the best applications, themes and wallpapers for Maemo 5 (read N900) has gone live today with a few more apps.

Nokia N900 Themes | N900 Applications | N900 Wallpapers | Maemo Select

Maemo Select will cover applications from the Maemo Community as well as the Ovi Store. Yes, the Ovi Store. The Ovi Store is coming to the N900 by the end of the year and will feature both free and paid applications. Currently the theme and wallpaper section on Maemo Select is empty but you can expect it to fill up pretty soon. On the app front, downloads are already available for the Amazon Widget, Evernote, Bounce Evolution, Documents to Go and for the Facebook widget amongst others. Fring and Mauku (the Maemo micro-blogging client) will also soon be available for download. Check them out.

However, if you are looking for N900 wallpapers right now, N900Wallpapers.com is definitely worth a look.