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Loads Of N900 Images & Demo Of Video Playback Over TV Out

As the Maemo Summit goes on, the N900 seems to be becoming more desirable by the minute. First up a is an extensive 70 image gallery of the N900 (courtesy UMPC Portal) posing with its predecessor the N810, N82, Archos Internet Tablet, Viliv S5, Omnia Pro and other mobile devices. But the more impressive feat is embedded below where it takes on a 720×400 DivX video with a bitrate of 4Mbps and plays it brilliantly over TV out on a giant 50″ LCD.

Nokia N900 Pictures

The N900’s speedy hardware sure shines through and with its impressive 32GB storage and support for a large section of video codecs, I am really looking forward to it as my personal media player.

[via: UMPC Portal]