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What More Would You Like The N900 To Do?

Nokia Conversations ran a post yesterday asking the community as to what you they like Nokia to do with the N900 and within a day they had over 80 idea. What they did next was even better. They have put together the best ideas in a poll which you can vote on and if you think you have something better to say, you can even add your wish to it.

N900 Developer Ideas

On that list what I’d personally like to see is a complete sync with facebook – phonebook, events, birthdays and so on. Off the list I’d like to see the N900 support a USB host mode where I can simply plug-in my pen drive and copy data across. The N810 could do this and I even remember doing a post around this a long time ago asking for this functionality to be included in Symbian devices as well. That didn’t happen, here’s hoping the Maemo developer community is listening.