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The N900 (With PR 1.2) Launches In Hong Kong With An Awesome Promo Video

The world has been waiting for the Hong Kong launch of the N900 for the simple reason that it was pimped to be the first region in the world to get N900’s preloaded with the mythical PR 1.2 firmware which users in others parts of the world have been waiting for it like CRAZY.

Jussi Mäkinen has just confirmed on twitter that the rest of the world will also be getting PR 1.2 very soon. What ‘very soon’ means you will have to figure for yourself. I’d say by the end of next week for sure because of the simple reason that Hong Kong users could brick their others playing with software from extras-devel and not have a way out, without a way to reflash PR 1.2.

If you are interested, they even had a roadshow to go along with the launch.