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Unboxing The Nokia N900

I am extremely glad to say that I have finally been able to get hold of a N900 and the first thing I did was unbox on video for your pleasure. In the brief play I have had with the device I have found it to be extremely snappy and the touchscreen to be very responsive – virtually like a capacitive screen. It is like having the best of both worlds as the N900’s resistive touchscreen also has stylus support so you can also sketch all you like.

Back on the topic of unboxing.

If you want any specific aspect of the N900 reviewed or have any queries, do let me know and I will try my level best to answer them. Lastly, if you are still waiting for your N900, I can promise you one thing – the experience will be worth the wait!

Nokia N900 Unboxing Video

We told you about the Maemo Central launch today morning and since then there has been considerable activity on the N900/Maemo front, considering the fact that today is the first day of the Maemo Summit. The N900 has been unboxed on video, we also now have details coming in about Maemo 6 (multitouch and capacitive touchscreens are a go). Nokia has announced the official port of Qt to Maemo 5 and word is out the Portrait browsing is coming to the N900 by Christmas.

Nokia N900 Unboxing

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