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Should You Get The N95?

Nokia N95

The N95 has been out for almost 5 months now. The price has fallen considerably from somewhere around 650€ to about 490€ nowadays, sim-free in India. The firmware has matured, AGPS has been added which has improved GPS performance to a large extent, however they are still a few minor bugs with the current v12 firmware but nothing substantial. In this write-up I and Jamal Abid talk about why should you get the N95 or abstain from doing so.

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The Nokia N95 Classic – Black!

 Nokia N95 Classic - Black!

I have always thought that a black N95 would be awesome, however the styling on the Nokia N95 8GB has disappointed me a little. I don’t really like the smaller Menu & Multimedia keys and the lack of cover for the camera. For those (including me) who only want it to be black yet with the same shape here is a solution. The phone looks great, but protruding silver at places completely mars it at times. I’m hoping for an all black housing soon, specially the keypad!

Jump over here to have a look.

N95 Classic Black.jpg

Via – SymbianWorld.

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Nokia N95 – 8GB Becomes Official!

Nokia N95 - 8GB

Another FCC posting had led to the N95 8GB becoming official! There are a few design tweaks with the screen possibly becoming larger. The multi-media keys have become a little elevated. The microSD card slot has most likely given way to 8GB of internal flash storage. The camera’s shutter has been reworked to allow space for a 1200 mAh battery and there will no longer be a protective cover for the camera.

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The N95 – Getting Things Into Perspective!

The N95 Black! 

Even after months of the N95’s release the hype surrounding the ‘multimedia computer’ refuses to die down… Well how could it, with Nokia working so hard to keep it that way!

Symbian Guru and Darla Mack both have the scoop on an upcoming US 3G N95 which scores well above its Euro/Asian brother, the original N95. With a 1200 mAh battery, redesigned multimedia keys and a whopping 128MB of RAM the N95-2 is sure to cause heart break to all existing N95 owners.

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