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The Nokia N97 Finally Gets Free Navigation

When Nokia announced that they were going to give away free drive and walk navigation and other premium content for Ovi Maps, the N97 was left out from the list of devices that were supposed to get this. This left many people shocked, wondering why had Nokia done this.

Infact, Nokia almost got bad press for this. They quickly went into damage control mode and made it clear that the original N97 will be getting this free functionality, and soon. January 28 was the date promised, and Nokia has delivered ahead of time. Awesome.

Free Navigation N97.jpg

So for all those of you with the original N97, hit the Software Updater in Application to get the update in the form of a 8MB download. Make sure you have enough phone memory before you hit update. Now the wait for the v2.1 firmware starts, tomorrow perhaps?

[Image via @MickyFin]