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Have Questions About The N97’s v20 Firmware? Put Them Down Here!

At 17:30 GMT today I and a few other invitees will be attending a Q&A around the N97’s v20 firmware. We will be joined by Nokia representatives Frank Zillikens, the Lead Firmware Developer and Catalin Gheorghiu, a member of the technical team responsible for the recent firmware upgrade to talk about:

  • Where you see the N97 going in the future.
  • How you’re getting on with the device.
  • What you do and don’t like about v20.
  • What further improvements you would like to see.
  • Why certain aspects of the Firmware are like they are – This is the one I’m really interested in.

I’m sure you have questions, so please put them down below and I will try and get an answer for you. Although I doubt questions like, ‘When will v20 be out for my region?’ will get a specific answer. Time is running out.

The v20 Firmware For The N97 Is Now Available

It is time to fire up the Nokia Software Updater now. The long awaited v20.0.019 firmware for the N97 is now available and I cannot stress the importance of this firmware enough. It will transform the N97 experience and will lead many to say that this was the firmware Nokia should have shipped the device with. The update is currently only available via the Nokia Software Updater and is a 134 MB download. We should also start seeing the over the air rollout soon. The N97 features user data preservation so you can upload without the fear of loosing data but I suggest a clean install after formatting the device (*#7370#) for the best experience.

N97 v20 Firmware Now Available

It brings better RAM management, better internal storage management, speed improvements, stability and the biggest improvements of them all being all round kinetic scrolling across all lists. The update will also bring a few new widgets among other things. There is no official changelog yet, so I will keep updating as I find new things.

Incidentally, the N97 Mini will ship with the same firmware.

[Thanks Anuj]

Reminder: Become The Next Cityman & Win A N97 or N900!

The folks at WOM World were kind enough to send me a limited edition Cityman device a few weeks back, the purpose of the Cityman was to act as an anti theft device by taking in the N97 and fooling possibly thieves into thinking that you’re holding a relic. However, for me it had quite the opposite effect and it turned my N97 into the centre of attraction, an enjoyable effect nevertheless.


That being said, the real reason for writing this post was the City Man Competition that Nokia is holding. What is up for grabs is the title of ‘The Cityman’ and a chance to be one of the first in the world to win a N900 or even an N97 if you so choose.

In order to win, here’s what you need to do:

1. Use the Cityman Antitheft device and get someone to take a photo of you (80’s style gives you extra points!) If you haven’t managed to get your hands on the Super limited edition Cityman Antitheft, print this PDF and make your own.

2. Upload your picture to http://share.ovi.com/album/nokia_cityman.NokiaCitmanComp

The deadline for submitting pictures is 5.10.09. After this the Nokia jury will select the 10 best pictures that will run towards becoming the Cityman 2009. The shortlisted pictures will be posted at the Nseries blog where the visitors have two weeks to vote for the winner.

There are not many entries so far and you have a realistic chance of winning. But time is short, so get going now!

The Nokia N97 Mini Is Official – 450€ – Introduces Lifecasting

The Nokia N97 Mini was today made official during Nokia World ’09’s first keynote. The device closely resembles the N97 design with the exception of a 3.2″ touchscreen, a redesigned keypad (no Navi Pad, but directional arrows), no camera lens cover and 8GB of storage v/s the N97’s 32GB. The Mini is 14.2mm thin and the first Nokia device to sport Lifecasting with Ovi – a service in partnership with the world’s largest social network, Facebook.

Nokia N97 Mini

Lifecasting enables users to update their Facebook status directly from the device’s homescreen, however the intersting part is that it doesn’t stop there and you can even update your location details, thus enabling a whole new level of social sharing and communication.

The N97 Mini will also be running a newer firmware with greater support for kinetic/flick scrolling amongst other things and the same firmware will be made available for the N97 as well in October. The device is expected to this in Q4 this year.

Nokia N97 Mini

Key Specs:

  • OS – S60 5th Edition
  • Frequency – GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, WCDMA 900/1900/2100MHz
  • Connectivity – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/WIFI
  • Size – 113mm x 52.5mm x 14.2mm
  • Battery –  1200 mAh
  • Display – 3.2″ nHD (640×360)
  • Camera – 5 megapixel autofocus Carl Zeiss with dual-LED flash
  • Video – VGA (640×360) at up to 30 frames per second
  • Storage – 8GB internal, plus micro SD slot

An Introduction To The N97 Mini

You can find the press release here.

[via: Nokia Conversations]

New Nokia N97 Firmware v12.0.024 Now Available

In what should come as great news to N97 owners, Nokia has started rolling out the v12 firmware. The update is currently not available over the air, but if you fire up the Nokia Software Updater, you should see it.

New Nokia N97 Firmware v12.0.024 Now Available

The update is also visible via the ‘SW Update’ application on the device, but currently it directs you to use the PC to update.  There is not much information given about the firmware apart from ‘Improves phone’s performance and brings you the latest features’.

The N97 features user data preservation, so you can update without the fear of loosing data. I will meanwhile look for a Windows machine to try and update.

If you find something new, make sure you let us know via the comments section.

How To Hack Your Device In Under 5 Minutes

Having to sign an application every time you want to install something that’s not Symbian Signed is a bit of a pain, yes it can be done on the phone but if you want to completely rid yourself of this hassle then hacking your device is the best way forward. Unfortunately, Nokia had blocked this procedure via a new firmware for devices such as the E71, N96 and devices like the N97 were previously unhackable.

However, the Symbian community has once again managed a breakthrough in the from of the spanking new HelloOX2 application and you can hack almost any S60 3rd or 5th Edition device, Samsung i8910 HD included. This simple app will help you hack your device in under 5 minutes, all from the comfort of your bed without needing a computer. Difficulty level- Noob. Here’s how:

  • Extract the contents. I used X-plore to do so, but you can use any application of your choosing or even extract it on the computer and then send the file to your phone.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Next run the application, you will see quite a few screens like the following appear:

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Now you will be asked if you want to install Modo, a file manager with the capability of seeing all files, including the ones in the ‘Sys’ folder. Installing it or not will not affect the hack, I chose to install it. The application will then quit and your phone would be ‘hacked’.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • But before you can install any unsigned application, you will need to open ‘ROM Patcher’ from the ‘Applications’ folder and activate the ‘Installserver_FP2’ patch.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Hit Options and then ‘Apply’. That’s it. You can now forget about signing files.

How To Hack Nokia N97

  • Lastly, a word of caution. Please be very careful in what unsigned files you install. Wares and applications from untrusted sources can damage your device. Also, please do this at your own risk.