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Is This The Nokia N97 Mini?

After a mention of the N97 Mini on Vodafone Ireland’s official forums the rumour mill has been abuzz with activity about a possible N97 Mini, however until today we hadn’t seen a picture/mockup that seemed even a little convincing.

Nokia N97 Mini

Enter these images that are either the work of a very talented photoshop expert or infact real. From what we can see, the N97 Mini has:

  • A smaller 3.2″ inch screen
  • No D-pad but dedicated arrow keys on the right hand side.
  • No lens cover, this could be a blessing.

Word on the internet also has it that the ‘Mini’ will have 8GB of onboard storage and the same 5MP camera from the N97.

Nokia N97 Mini

With Nokia World around the corner and the possibility of a Nokia Maemo tablet with a GSM radio announcement, the N97 Mini addition will surely make for an interesting September. As far as the impact on the N97 itself, I doubt it will be much as both devices will cater to a slightly different market (Mini = Cheaper) and the Mini (if real) will most likely ship after a few more months, giving the N97 enough time to find its feet.

As with all rumours, please take this with more than a pinch of salt.

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