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About The Nokia N97’s Processor

Since the day Forum Nokia divulged details about what was going to power the Nokia N97, the world seems to have gone into a tizz. The N97 is getting lambasted left, right and center – all of this based sorely on speculation. Yes, the N97 has a somewhat outdated ARM11 CPU with a clock speed of 434MHz but does that really take the device out of contention?

The N96 was virtually unusable before the version 12 firmware, but a mere firmware update changed that to a considerable extent. Similarly, on a computer a Linux or Mac OS will run much faster than Vista on the same hardware. The point I am trying to make is that what Nokia does with the software is what will make or break the phone and not the hardware.

The Nokia 5800 which also runs the same 5th Edition OS like the N97 was pretty fast, in fact it was the only device that did not make me miss my incredibly fast E71. If there was no problem with the 5800 and the N97 has a slightly better processor than its predecessor, I won’t rush to dismiss the N97 like some have. Taking a call on a device without even waiting for production firmware is jumping the gun a little too much.

Here is a video of a ‘proto’ N97, as you can see it seems to be able to handle multitasking without much of a bother. I sure would have loved the added hardware boost specially when a Xpress Music device can get it, but I still lust for the N97. Nokia please get me one pronto!