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The Nokia N97 And India – Price, Availability & Contests

There is a huge level of excitement around the Nokia N97 these days and understandably so. Its launch month June is not even a week away, pre-booking is in full swing, the search for the ‘N’ is on and what now. However, none of this has actually started in India so far.

So I thought I should give all of you in India, a small update on its status. A little bit about the current campaigns, events, expected availability and price.


  • A one of its kind and probably exclusive to India campaign is on to ‘Preview The N97 At Your Home/Office’. More details here.
  • Another good news is that there will be a ‘Search For The N‘ in India as well! The competition is expected to start around the 11th of June and this is something I’m really excited about.


  • The Nokia N97 start selling in India by June 26th, which is the same time Vodafone is expected to start selling the N97 in the UK. The US is expected to get it in the first week of June, lets hope for the best. I doubt the release date for the N97 will be later than this, although I won’t be surprised if we see it earlier than that.


  • I am speculating here, but I expect the N97 to sell for about Rs. 35,000 ($725). The price in the first few days might be crazy due to the dealers trying to make a huge profit but it should settle down soon. If you recall, the N95 also sold at this price when it was launched.

What really excites me is the ‘Search For N’ – there’s nothing like winning a free N97! So all of you in India can look forward to some exciting times ahead and hopeully some unexpected niceties as well!