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New N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Hits RDA

The Nokia N97 on the RDA has been updated to v11.0.021 and that means that this new firmware should be making its way across to devices already in the wild very soon. The update should hopefully make the N97 more stable and fix quite a few bugs that currently plague the N97.

New N97 Firmware v11.0.021 Hits RDA

I would really like to see more free RAM, the ability to long press to get numbers from the keyboard, improvements to the predictive text and a fix for the screen not illuminating after unlocking the device bug. The homescreen on my N97 also doesn’t seem to like me configuring it too much and crashes often, so I’m hoping that will go away with this as well.

What are you looking forward to? The Nokia N97 Review is here.

[UPDATE – The firmware is expected to be made available on July 1 and the ChangeLog for it is here].

[via: Nokia Addict & Symbian Planet]