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NSS Now Supports Nokia S60 5th Edition – Makes Changing The Product Code On Your 5800 Or N97 A Breeze

In what comes as great news for enthusiasts that can’t wait for Nokia to release a firmware for their region/product code, Nemesis Service Suite (NSS) has been updated to include compatibility with all the latest Nokia devices, including ones based on S60 5th Edition.

The advantages of changing a product code and updating are that you can change to a product code that has the firmware available and update, without waiting for Nokia to bring it to your region. It is also helpful in debranding your devices or when you need a firmware with different language packs. The downside is that you may loose warranty or even end up bricking your device if the process is not done properly.

This release also adds supports for the Windows 7 operating system. Download here, or use this direct link. The tutorial on how to use NSS to change the product code and update is here.

[via: Gerrymoth]