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App Updates Finally Coming To The Ovi Store

Something Nokia users had given up on is finally happening, the Ovi Store will now start telling you when updates are available for the apps you have installed on your phone. This means no more hunting for the developer’s website to download the latest versions, and a much better Ovi Store (now Nokia Store) experience.

The new Ovi Store client (version 2.8) will be rolled out to Symbian^3 devices next week and the others will follow in due course. The update will also bring better top free and best seller recommendations along with more useful related items.

App Updates Finally Coming To The Ovi Store

“After updating to Store 2.8, when the user launches the Store client and signs in, the client automatically checks if any of their downloaded apps have an update available.  If there are updates, the user will see a green flag in the corner of your screen by your “Account” tab.  Touching the flag will take the user to his account page where he can choose to update “All” or select individual apps.”

App Updates Finally Coming To The Ovi Store

“With this release, we have also tweaked our algorithm for delivering Top Free and Best Sellers to make app and game listings more relevant for consumers.  In particular, we refined our inputs and made the algorithm more precise so that the Store displays an exact representation of what is “Top” or “Best” by country and by device.

For instance, if a game is wildly popular and heavily used on an E72 device, it will not affect the rankings on an N8 device if the game is not also equally popular.  The same applies for country-based variation.  This will result in more relevant content selections and rankings, and in many cases, improve the discoverability of local applications.  This feature is available across all device families, .com and .mobi sites.”

All in all it makes for a very welcome update to the Ovi Store, next week couldn’t come sooner.

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You Can Now Publish To The Ovi Store For Just A Euro – Plus The Latest Ovi Store Figures

In their quest to get developers to flock to Nokia devices, its great to see that Nokia is leaving no stone unturned. Apart from the millions of dollars they are giving away in prizes and incentives for developers, Nokia has also slashed the Ovi Publisher fee from 50 Euro to a one-time registration fee of just 1 Euro.

You Can Now Publish To The Ovi Store For Just A Euro - Plus The Latest Ovi Store Figures

This means that individuals, students, small/medium/large companies can all become Ovi Publishers and remember the restriction of having a company before you could sell on the Ovi Store is also long history. For a Euro you can publish as many apps as you like to the Ovi Store, for as long as you like. Interested? Then start here.

If you are still not interested, Nokia’s also put up a few Ovi Store figures that might help you change your mind:

  • There are 2.5 million downloads a day with more 2.6 apps downloaded per visit
  • About 90% of the daily traffic to Ovi Store converts to downloads
  • 85% of the signed in visitors to Ovi Store are repeat visitors
  • Each active user is averaging 8.5 downloads per month
  • Active users from more than 190 countries
  • Games continue to be #1 for paid downloads and apps continue to be #1 for free downloads
  • 90% of mobile consumers now have Ovi Store in their local language
  • Publishers from more than 90 countries are distributing their content through Ovi Store

To give you a little more idea of their reach, the Forum Nokia website also this little pictogram.

You Can Now Publish To The Ovi Store For Just A Euro - Plus The Latest Ovi Store Figures

Ovi Store users:

  • in more than 190 countries can download free content
  • in more than 170 countries can purchase content with credit card billing
  • using one of 91 operators in 27 countries can easily purchase content directly with mobile billing

If you are a developer, you have to admit that those are pretty strong numbers. Not even Apple’s App Store or the Android Market gives you the ability to sell your apps to virtually the entire world. Moreover, going forward, the Ovi Store experience is only going to get better when the Symbian^3 devices with their updated Ovi Store hit primetime.

You can sign up here.

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An In-Depth Look At Ovi Store 2.0 On The Nokia N8

One of the new things that the N8 brings is a completely revamped Ovi Store which offers a much more pleasing experience that not only makes finding content easier, also makes sure that you don’t have to go through hoops trying to download an application.

Gone are the options within menus, the overall speed of the Ovi Store is much faster and easily comparable to the competition. It is finally something that you would expect of a company like Nokia. You can seamlessly transfer old purchases to the new phone and that is a major win for the customer and Nokia alike. In the following video I look at the new client in detail, so without further ado, here is Ovi Store 2.0 on the Nokia N8.

(Watch the video in HD)

What do you think? Will you be more likely to browse apps and other media on the new Ovi Store? Much thanks to Iain Wallace at Do It Different for his help.