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Facing The Task Ninja Style – One Step Closer To Winning N96 Trials For Five Of You

26/10/2008 - Share on Ovi

There has been a lot of Ninja action around the blogosphere lately and while things were pretty quite here at The Symbian Blog, but not anymore. Those of you who saw the N96 Unboxing Video must have seen that I had received the first of four tasks to try and win N96 trials for five of you readers.

The task was simple, I had to take geo-tagged phone of the Ninja and upload it via NokiaVine. The catch was that they didn’t want it to be a ‘run of the mill’ snap, so we thought we’d give them what they’d asked for. My buddy Sartaj Gill risked all at the edge of a rooftop dressed as the Ninja while I used the N96 to capture his heroics. We have hopefully come up with something special. What do you think?

28102008040 - Share on Ovi

28102008080 - Share on Ovi

28102008041 - Share on Ovi

The parchment mentioned uploading one photo via the application so I choose the one in the middle, wise choice? Because, now something tells me that the first one was better.

Since all of this is being done to win five N96 trials for you, I better let you know how it is going to be:

  • Two N96’s will be raffled away amongst the commenters on any post on the entire blog, starting today. Basically, all comments made today onwards on any post on the site will enter you into the big lucky draw, so make sure you comment to increase your chances.
  • I will also be writing about the upcoming challenges and one N96 will be given away to the person who sends in the best idea to help me complete the challenge. Write in via email or the contact form.
  • One N96 is reserved for the most creative amongst you, send in your thoughts/reviews/opinions on anything mobile and if we like it, it’ll be published here and you will get your N96.
  • The last N96 will be a mystery and the way to get it will be revealed if and when I win the challenge.

That’s it, the first task has been completed and you know how to win the N96’s – the Ninja will return next week. Make sure you stay tunned to the latest by the subscribing to email alerts or the full feed below.