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Nokia 808 Pureview Unboxing: 41 Megapixel Goodness

The Nokia 808 PureView recently started shipping in various countries around the world including India, and this is what the retail India unit looks like. The devices comes with a 12 month subscription to DRM-free music from the Nokia Music Store that gives you access to over 40 lakh songs, I’m a huge fan of this service, and coupled with the FM-transmitter in the PureView 808, its a real breeze to use.

I will not go over the basic specifications of the device again, as I’ve previewed it extensively in the past. What I’m looking forward to is Nokia’s rich recording technology for videos that lets you capture excellent sound. Plus, this is the first smartphone that can actually let you get lossless zoom during HD video recording. Not only that the 808 uses the full frame of the camera to give you a nice wide angle even when you are shooting in 1080p.

Another aspect that Nokia really has going for the 808 is that the apps on the Nokia Store are incredibly cheap. You can buy high quality apps like Gravity and Joikuspot for as little as Rs. 35 and most other apps are just Rs. 5. This coupled with operator billing makes purchases really seamless. All in all you get the feeling that by buying a 808 PureView you’re not only getting unlimited DRM free music and worldwide navigation, but also a ton of apps for free.

Without further ado, behold the 808 PureView unboxing:

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit – Shot On A PureView 808

At the official launch of the PureView 808 in India, I spent some time with the retail unit of the PureView 808 and filmed a demo looking at some camera specific apps like ColorizIT and Silent Film Director that Nokia is bundling with the phone, and the Camera Lover Pack that will be a free download from the Nokia Store.

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit - Shot On A PureView 808

The PureView 808 is already on sale across in India, Nokia’s online store lists it at Rs. 33,899 but if you walk up to your local Nokia Store, you should be able to get it for about or a little less that 33,000 INR.

Since this video demo has been shot on a PureView 808, you should get an idea of its video capture abilities as well. The video was shot in a large hall which had a lot of background noise, and I wasn’t sure how clearly would you be able to hear me in the video. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality with which the 808 was able to capture sound. A lot of phones can do 1080p video, but no one does it with the full frame and with audio capture that comes to the PureView.

I also take a quick look at the camera specific apps that Nokia will be pre-loading or offering for free via the Nokia Store.

ColorizIT lets you take a photo and strip away the colours, and then selectively add colour to one portion of the image, if done right, it lets you create some excellent pictures.

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit - Shot On A PureView 808

Here’s an example.

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit - Shot On A PureView 808

Next is an app that will be available as a free download from the Nokia Store, Camera Lover Pack. It features the ability to take panoramas, and use some other funky camera effects.

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit - Shot On A PureView 808

The last is Silent Film Director, it lets you add filters in real time while shooting video. So you can make the video look like a ’70 movies, a ’20’s film, a black and white clip and so on. You can even increase the speed on the clip, and add some background music. A pretty fun app, and the best part is that it can work with 720p video.

Demo: Retail India Nokia 808 PureView Unit - Shot On A PureView 808

If you can’t see the video above, find the 1080p sample on YouTube here.

Nokia PureView 808 Goes On Sale In India For Rs. 33,899

Its been a long time coming, but the 41 megapixel touting super cameraphone from Nokia is finally on sale across India. The device is arriving at Nokia Priority Stores in the country today, and you should also be able to get yours from Nokia’s online store. As always the price across the country will slightly vary depending on which Nokia Priority Store you go to, but the figure I’m being quoted is closer to the Rs. 33,000 mark.

You can place your order at Nokia’s official store for Rs. 33,899, while the MRP of the device seems to be Rs, 34,999. The device is listed as out of stock right now, but that should change very soon. The official India launch of the 808 PureView happened today in Delhi, and I will bring you more from it in a few hours.

The 808 PureView lets you take absolutely incredible photos, with the ability to zoom in without losing quality. You can choose to shoot in full resolution (38 Megapixels in 4:3 mode and 34 Megapixels in the 16:9 mode) and the 5 Megapixel automatic mode, where the photos are oversampled to render fine detail. The PureView 808 takes really excellent video as well.

To top it all, it features extensive manual controls for people who like to do more with their devices.

Nokia 808 PureView Goes On Sale In India For 29999 [Updated]

After a bit of wait since its announcement at the Mobile World Congress, the PureView 808 has gone on sale in India at a reasonable 29,999 INR. The device is in stock at Nokia’s online store and you can buy it with a promise of delivery within 4 working days.

The only colour that seems to be available at the moment is black, but if you’re looking for some 41 Megapixel goodness, that’s shouldn’t hold you back as the black suits the 808 very well. Although, my personal favourite is the white variant.

Nokia had promised a May release for India, and they’ve delivered, making India one of the first countries in the world to receive the PureView 808.

Update: Its been pulled. Looks like someone jumped the gun, and the PureView 808 isn’t on sale yet. It seems we should have taken the ‘coming soon’ text on the image a little more seriously.

[via: Twitter]

Nokia 808 PureView Hits Stores This Month, India & Russia First Recepients

We have official word courtesy of Nokia Conversations that the PureView 808 will indeed be hitting stores this month itself. So if you’ve been waiting for hand down the best camera on a mobile phone, you wait will soon be at an end. If you’re in India or Russia, there’s even more good news as the two countries will be first in line to receive the device, with availability in other countries to be announced later.

The 808 PureView lets you take absolutely incredible photos, with the ability to zoom in without loosing quality. You can choose to shoot in full resolution (38 Megapixels in 4:3 mode and 34 Megapixels in the 16:9 mode) and the 5 Megapixel automatic mode, where the photos are oversampled to render fine detail. The PureView 808 takes really excellent video as well.

To top it all, it features extensive controls for people who like to do more with their devices, e.g. the ND filter lets you take pictures such as the one above.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but I would expect the device to retail around or just shy of the 30,000 INR mark in India.

Nokia’s official Flickr stream has a bunch of camera samples if you are so inclined.

Video Capture: Nokia 808 PureView v iPhone 4S

So far I’ve published unedited full resolution photos from the 808 PureView’s 41 Megapixel sensor, I have also published a ton of photos with the PureView mode engaged, but now its time we turn our attention to its video capture abilities, after all this is the first Nokia to capture videos in full 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames a second.

A few days before the 808 reveal, Nokia’s camera guru Damien Dinning tweeted “when we do 1080, we’ll do it like no other”. It is clear that they have, the advantages of using PureView are evident in video capture as well. You get 4x zoom while recording 1080p video, which goes upto 6x in 720p and a staggering 12x should you choose to shoot in 360p. We also get improved low light performance due to the larger sensor.

Further, most manufacturers like Samsung and even Apple crop frames when shooting in 1080p so that the processor can handle the load, however even in 1080p the 808 PureView gives users the same wide field of view as the 720p. But what I am most excited about is what Nokia calls ‘Nokia Rich Recording’. Audio plays a huge role in how pleasing the 1080p video is, and continuing in the tradition of the N8, it captures stereo sound.

What is improved is that the 808 can record upto 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than conventional mics, most phones according to Nokia max out at 110 db. Nokia Rich Recording also lets the 808 record very low frequencies also without any distortion. This means that you will get great sound in your videos irrespective of the fact whether you are recording loud music at a concert or birds chirping in the park. I

As a quick test, I shot the exact same video with the iPhone 4S, widely regarded as the best 1080p capable cameraphone, and the 808 PureView. You’ll notice a wider angle with the 808, better sound and colour reproduction. I didn’t do a zoom comparison as the iPhone cannot zoom while shooting video.

(I suggest watching the video in full HD)

 Stay tuned for more video samples from the 808 PureView. What do you think?

Note: The video above was taken with a prototype PureView 808 and Nokia was very clear that the camera firmware was in no way final and that improvements across the board, including in video capture will be made before the device ships.