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Video Capture: Nokia 808 PureView v iPhone 4S

So far I’ve published unedited full resolution photos from the 808 PureView’s 41 Megapixel sensor, I have also published a ton of photos with the PureView mode engaged, but now its time we turn our attention to its video capture abilities, after all this is the first Nokia to capture videos in full 1080p HD resolution at 30 frames a second.

A few days before the 808 reveal, Nokia’s camera guru Damien Dinning tweeted “when we do 1080, we’ll do it like no other”. It is clear that they have, the advantages of using PureView are evident in video capture as well. You get 4x zoom while recording 1080p video, which goes upto 6x in 720p and a staggering 12x should you choose to shoot in 360p. We also get improved low light performance due to the larger sensor.

Further, most manufacturers like Samsung and even Apple crop frames when shooting in 1080p so that the processor can handle the load, however even in 1080p the 808 PureView gives users the same wide field of view as the 720p. But what I am most excited about is what Nokia calls ‘Nokia Rich Recording’. Audio plays a huge role in how pleasing the 1080p video is, and continuing in the tradition of the N8, it captures stereo sound.

What is improved is that the 808 can record upto 140-145 db, which is 4 times louder than conventional mics, most phones according to Nokia max out at 110 db. Nokia Rich Recording also lets the 808 record very low frequencies also without any distortion. This means that you will get great sound in your videos irrespective of the fact whether you are recording loud music at a concert or birds chirping in the park. I

As a quick test, I shot the exact same video with the iPhone 4S, widely regarded as the best 1080p capable cameraphone, and the 808 PureView. You’ll notice a wider angle with the 808, better sound and colour reproduction. I didn’t do a zoom comparison as the iPhone cannot zoom while shooting video.

(I suggest watching the video in full HD)

 Stay tuned for more video samples from the 808 PureView. What do you think?

Note: The video above was taken with a prototype PureView 808 and Nokia was very clear that the camera firmware was in no way final and that improvements across the board, including in video capture will be made before the device ships.