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Nokia Belle Now Available: Promises A Whole New Symbian Experience

Nokia Belle (Symbian Belle if you will) devices have been available for some time, but its finally time for the likes of the N8 and E7 to get a taste of Belle goodness in the form of the v111.030 firmware. The update completely revamps the old Symbian UI in favour of multiple homescreens, widgets and a pull down notification bar ala Android and recently iOS.

It also features a ton of other improvements, not the least of which is the web browser. So not only will your experience feel smoother, the update will also rid you of the pesky ‘memory full’ errors. Needless to say this is a highly recommended update. However, because the sheer amount of changes, there will be no over-the-air availability and you will have to find a Windows machine running the latest Nokia Suite to carryout the update.

Despite Nokia Suite’s ability to restore your data automatically, it is prudent to manually back up as well. As always, the update is being rolled out in phases, country by country and product code by product code. Fortunately, Nokia has a nice map up which lists exactly which countries and product codes are seeing the update, an excellent tool.

The update is available in India, most parts of Asia, Europe and even the United States. More on All About Symbian.

If you couldn’t wait for the official Belle update and are running the ‘leaked’ versions, My Nokia Blog reports that should be able to update via the Nokia Suite as well.

Symbian Belle Powered Nokia 600, 700 & 701 Announced

In Hong Kong today, Nokia has just announced three brand new devices called the Nokia 600, Nokia 700 and Nokia 701. These new smartphones will run Symbian Belle out of the box and start shipping within the present quarter, which translates to about 35 days from today. The Symbian Belle OS will also be be available for existing Symbian^3 devices that were only recently upgraded to Symbian Anna.

Nokia 600, 700, 701

(image via AAS)

All the devices announced today come with NFC, a pentaband radio, WIFi, HSUPA 3G speeds and Gorilla glass protected screens. While all the three devices have been positioned as mass market options with aggressive pricing, each device boats a unique characteristic to it.

Nokia 600

Built for those who like to enjoy music on the go, the Nokia 600 is the loudest smartphone with the loud speaker inside it rated at 106 phon. It also packs an FM transmitter and an internal antenna so that you do not need to plug in the headphone to listen to FM radio. Specifications wise, it runs on an ARM 11 1 Ghz processor, comes with a 640 x 360 pixel 3.2-inch nHD capacitive touch screen and measures 111 x 53 x 13mm while weighing in at 100g.

Nokia 600

It comes with 2GB of mass memory, a microSD card slot and packs a 5MP EDoF camera capable of shooting video at 720p. The Nokia 600 will be available for in EUR 180 ($260) before taxes or subsidies in Black, White, Lime and Pink. More on Nokia Conversations.

Nokia 700

For the size conscious, the Nokia 700 boasts of being the most compact smartphone in the market today with dimensions of  110 x 50.7 x 9.7mm and a weight of just 96g. Like the Nokia 600, the 700 also packs a 3.2″ capacitive display and a 5 megapixel full focus shooter that is capable of recording video in 720p HD.

Nokia 700

The 700 also gets the honour of being Nokia’s greenest phone till date. It will be coming in cool grey, silver/white, coral red, peacock blue and purple varieties and will retail at EUR 270 ($390) before taxes or subsidies. More at Nokia Conversations.

Nokia 701

Completing the trio is the Nokia C7 based, 701 that features the brightest screen in the world on any smartphone. While the design of the Nokia 701 may be similar, it improves on the C7 by adding a 3.5-inch IPS LCD display with ClearBlack technology, a 1 Ghz processor alongside a brand new graphics co-processor with a faster clock and four times the graphics memory of previous Symbian smartphones. The 701 measures 11 x 56.8 x 117.3mm and weighs in at 131g.

Nokia 701

The camera remains unchanged from the C7, a 8-megapixel full focus camera with a dual-LED flash on the back that can shoot video at 720p. The 701 comes with 8GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot of an additional 32 GB of space. The Nokia 701 will be available in steel dark, silver light, amethyst violet, and white variations at an unsubsidized price of Euro 290 ($420) without taxes. More at Nokia Conversations.

The big story here is the introduction of the all new Symbian Belle OS that overhauls the Symbian UI with the homescreens, status bar, dialogs and menus all getting a fresh modern look. A complaint that a lot of people had with Symbian was its aging UI and with the Belle update, that has changed. With Qt applications coming thick and fast, the trio of devices announced today presents a pretty compelling proposition for someone looking for a mid-range smartphone.

We will be looking at the Symbian Belle OS in a little more detail in the coming days, in the meanwhile let us know what you think of the new OS and the devices announced today in the comments section below.

Symbian Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

While we wait for Nokia to iron out the last few kinks and brings the much awaited Symbian PR 2.0 or Anna releases to our devices, word has already started leaking out about the PR 3 update, named Belle. The update will be a major release and feature a complete overhall of the Symbian UI, bringing in flexible widgets, a pull down notifications bar and is Nokia’s attempt to satisfy the critics and make Symbian look more ‘modern’.

Forum Nokia has a page up, where Nokia tries to talk to developers about designing for Symbian and buried in those pages are the following screens.

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(First up is the E7, with the new narrow notification bar and a redesigned calender)

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(Next we have the redesigned message editor for the Belle release)

Symbian PR 3 Or Belle Official Screenshots From The Forum Nokia Pages

(Followed by the E7 rocking the Anna icons and the Belle UI)

You have to admit all of this does look very pretty, and with the large 4″ display on the E7 already making the current Symbian^3 iteration a less of a pain to navigate around, with Belle it could really be quite something. That being said, this is all a reference and things could change by the time Nokia actually gets around to releasing the update.

One last thing, this might not be Belle at all! Take everything with a pinch of salt.

[via: @qoyumnasri]