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Video: We Look At The Nokia Drive App, Exclusive To Nokia’s Windows Phones

One of the core differentiating features on Nokia’s Windows Phones will be the Nokia Drive app. Different from Nokia Maps, which will be available for everyone at the Windows Marketplace, Drive is Nokia’s Navigation app that lets you pre-load maps and use the phone as an offline navigation device.

The app has been created with an in car experience in mind, so the buttons are huge so that you can easily press them across the dashboard if you have the phone mounted. The interface is simple so that you take your eye off the road for the least amount of time and here is what it looks like.

You can download maps for entire countries from within the application. Also present is the ability to download navigation instructions in a bunch of different languages, all from within the phone.

PS: The video was recorded in a noisy room, so apologies for that. It should however be able to give you a fair idea of what to expect from the application.