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Nokia India Launches PureView.In, A Website That’s Counting Down To June 6: Pre-Booking Already On

Nokia India has just launched a teaser website, PureView.in, that’s counting down to midnight, June 6th. While that doesn’t mean that the PureView 808 will launch on the same date, there are certainly indications that it will be here sometime soon. Pre-booking has already started for the much awaited smartphone, and once that happens an actual launch is never more than 2 weeks away.

Once you register at the PureView.in website you’ll receive an email with the following text:

Thank you for your interest. Get ready to discover the hidden stories in every picture. Stay tuned and you could start winning exciting  Nokia Goodies, including the next breakthrough smartphone.

So perhaps come June 6 you’ll be able to win yourself a PureView 808. Nokia pre-bookings in India are generally always refundable, so if you are looking forward to the 41 megapixel monster, use this link.

[via: LMN, PureView Club]