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Nokia India’s Online Store Launches In Partnership With Indiatimes; 7 Day Return Policy

Online retail is gathering serious momentum in India and Nokia has partnered with Indiatimes to ride the wave. Their brand new online store has just gone online and is available at nokia.indiatimes.com. Alternatively, Nokia India’s website also directs you to the Indiatimes portal, should you choose the buy online option.

Judging by the option to select your ‘preferred retailer’, it seems as if Indiatimes is just the first partener with whom Nokia has tied up. I won’t be surprised if more sites are added to the list in the coming weeks/months. The portal has Nokia’s entire portfolio of phones on offer and promises delivery times of upto 4 working days.

Payments can be made via credit and debit cards, netbanking, gift certificates and a few other modes. The best bit is that you can choose to pay over 6 months in interest free installments. There is also a 7 day return policy should you decide to return the ‘unused’ device.

Having an ‘official’ online presence is a good first step, but I’d like to see Nokia leverage the plethora of Nokia retail shores and warehouses across the country to cut delivery times. Same day or next day delivery is something that can really induce implulse buys and Nokia is well positioned to tap that. I’d also like to see accessories on sale, specially Nokia’s amazing lineup of stereo bluetooth headsets.

[via: Fonearena]