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Nokia India Launches The Switch To Lumia Hub On Facebook, Includes Videos Detailing All Of Lumia 920’s Features

In an effort to help answer questions that consumers might have about the Lumia 920, and to educate them on why a Lumia is better, Nokia India has just launched the ‘Switch To Lumia Hub‘ on their Facebook page. The hub includes tons of videos highlighting the device’s functionality, a section pertaining to what the people are saying about the device on Twitter and finally an area to guide consumers to their nearest Nokia store should they want to buy one.

Switch To Lumia Hub Facebook

Next, there’s also a ‘Ask Sid’ section on Nokia India’s website where you can type your queries in. However, instead of trying to manually answer each and every question, the software will try and make sense of what you want to know about the device, and match your question to a pre-existing one – and playback the relevant video as the answer. The experience may be a little hit and miss, but the good thing is that you can manually have a look at all the videos by selecting the appropriate subject. Thus making the space useful for people who already own a Lumia, and are trying of make sense of the all new Windows Phone 8 software.

Hit the Switch to Lumia Hub here.

Nokia India Launches PureView.In, A Website That’s Counting Down To June 6: Pre-Booking Already On

Nokia India has just launched a teaser website, PureView.in, that’s counting down to midnight, June 6th. While that doesn’t mean that the PureView 808 will launch on the same date, there are certainly indications that it will be here sometime soon. Pre-booking has already started for the much awaited smartphone, and once that happens an actual launch is never more than 2 weeks away.

Once you register at the PureView.in website you’ll receive an email with the following text:

Thank you for your interest. Get ready to discover the hidden stories in every picture. Stay tuned and you could start winning exciting  Nokia Goodies, including the next breakthrough smartphone.

So perhaps come June 6 you’ll be able to win yourself a PureView 808. Nokia pre-bookings in India are generally always refundable, so if you are looking forward to the 41 megapixel monster, use this link.

[via: LMN, PureView Club]

App Prices Hit A Ridiculous (Fantastic?) Low In Indian Nokia Store

In an incredible turn of events, the prices of apps in the Indian Nokia Store have hit rock bottom. This has happened because Nokia has reduced the levels at which developers can price their applications. Earlier Level 1 was Rs. 25 (about 50 US cents), now it is just Rs. 5. So for example 1 Euro app, which is say the lowest level in Europe, will cost just Rs. 5 in India. In terms of pure conversion Rs. 5 equals just 0.072 Euros.

App prices in India were already lower compared to the pricing in other parts of the world, this is something I’ve covered before, but the new rates really ring in a bonanza for Indian users. Its like having a fire sale all year long.

As you can see fantastic applications like Joikuspot which retail for about 8 Pounds in the UK, can be had for as little as Rs. 35 in India. That’s not even half a pound. However, it is important to realise that pure currency conversions do not work, and that Nokia strives to keep prices in tune with what consumers are willing to pay for apps in India and Rs. 35 is a great price for Joikuspot.

Similarly, quality games like Asphalt 6 and Angry Birds can be had for just Rs. 5 and 10 respectively. While this may sound like ‘are you freaking kidding me? That so awesome!’ for the consumer, the developers may well feel like ‘are you freaking kidding me? That’s bullshit!’.

Our friends at Unleash The Phones suggest that developers might even want to withdraw their apps from India, because of these exceedingly low prices. While I am not sure how the Nokia Store submission works, the impression I get from the post is that developers can only specify a level at which they want to sell their apps and Nokia automatically sets the prices in different countries. E.g. Level 1 could mean 1 USD in the US, .80 Pounds on the UK, .90 Euro in Europe, Rs. 5 in India and so on. A problem will arise if they can only set a level as a price for their app across the world and this cannot be changed based on country. (I’ll try and get some clarity on this aspect soon.)

Nokia India been really working hard to delight its customers over the past few months, first the brilliantly priced unlimited downloads from the Nokia Music Store and now these super cheap apps. As long as there is no developer backlash, its a very welcome sign for consumers. Nokia believes that what it is loosing on margins, it’ll make up in volume – while making its customers super happy.

[via: Unleash The Phones]

Hilarious ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ Video, No Wonder Samsung Was Hot Under The Collar

Both Microsoft’s ‘Smoked By Windows Phone’ and Nokia India’s ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ campaigns have not been without their share of controversies, but one thing which you cannot take away from them is that they are fun. Not only do they get the point about Windows Phone’s deep social integration and other functionality across to those taking part, but they make for great online viewing as well.

No one is happy to loose, so watching people react to being blown away is always entertaining. I came across one such absolutely hilarious video (courtesy @labnol) which I had to share.

Most guys take their phones seriously, and when your flagship device looses, its not a good feeling. But the real burn for the poor guy was when his girlfriend couldn’t help but quip, ‘your phone is the worst piece of shit!’ Ouch. I can’t image how that made Samsung feel.

That’s why Samsung doesn’t seem to happy about Nokia India’s ‘Blown Away By Lumia’ campaign. They could possibly have digested ‘My Samsung Galaxy got blown away’ but the ‘your phone is a piece of shit’ endorsement in a Nokia video probably did it for them. Infact  Samsung got so hot under the collar that they called the whole campaign ‘unethical‘. They seem to think that Nokia was targeting their devices, but a quick look at Nokia India’s YouTube channel shows that the campaign covered devices from across the spectrum. Infact, the only reason you see more Samsung devices is because in the changed world order Samsung is commanding a greater marketshare and thus by sheer logic more people on the street will be carrying a Samsung device than a BlackBerry, HTC or an iPhone.

For their part Nokia says Nielsen validated the campaign and that the Lumia 800 emerged as a clear winner by winning 94% of the total 104 challenges timed by Nielsen. Samsung been pretty aggressive in the past with its Omnia Taxis, and Nokia is only just starting to move away from its ‘we’ll let our products to the talking’ stance and get aggressive. I’d like to see them take it up a notch.

Fun times ahead.

Nokia Music Goes DRM Free In India & Why It’s a Huge Deal

Nokia Music Unlimited has been around in India for a while now and the model it followed was that with every purchase of a compatible Nokia handset, you got access to the millions of tracks on the Nokia Store for one year. You were free to download as many tracks as you liked and keep them after the expiry of the one year period, but there was a catch they were DRM protected.

That meant you couldn’t play that music on your other devices, and if you didn’t have a Windows PC, you couldn’t play them on your computer as well. So Mac users were out cold and that was never good. Next problem was that you could only use so many PC’s to download music from, so if you didn’t have WIFI or an unlimited data plan you would again hit a wall.

But all that has changed since last week. Along with the Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia Asha 300 and Nokia X2-02, Nokia announced that its Nokia Music service would be going DRM free. So with each subscription, you can now download as much music as you like, send it to friends, copy it to your other devices and that’s great. For once you have access to unlimited legal music downloads that come with all the metadata and album art intact. For over the air downloads, the tracks will be compressed so that downloads over EDGE will also finish in a minute or two.

Nokia Music Goes DRM Free In India & Why It’s a Huge Deal

Further, unlike the old way of activating the service via a coupon, Nokia Music will come pre activated with each phone. On low cost devices like the Asha series the service will be free for the first three months with the option of renewing the service by paying from the device itself. You will be able to opt for 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packs by paying a fee that hasn’t been revealed yet. Previously you got access for one year and that was it. If you wanted more, you had to get a new Nokia handset.

The beauty of the Nokia Music Unlimited service in India is that in addition to international music, it offers an extensive selection of local music, including some really old tracks that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Nokia Music Store includes wide-ranging catalogues from major global labels like Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music and Nokia’s local partnership with Indian Music Industry (a consortium of more than 150 music companies), Hungama that represents major labels including Yash Raj, Tseries, and SIMCA (South Indian Music Companies Association), amongst others. Basically, it’ll have pretty much everything you are looking for. Plus, through things like the Nokia Music Theater, you’ll also find a selection of content from great local artists who haven’t become quite so popular, yet have excellent music.

I have been a huge fan of Nokia Music Unlimited, and the move to DRM free music makes the purchase of a Nokia device an almost no-brainer. For a lot of people Nokia Maps has been a huge motivation for purchasing Nokia devices, but free DRM-free music could easily take over that role. So for consumers who are looking at the best value amongst the competition a combination of free navigation and music will be hard to resist.

The service is limited to the just announced Nokia Asha 200 and Nokia Asha 300 – and Nokia X2-02 for now, but the move to smartphones is a natural progression. Nokia has already said that Nokia Music will be coming to the Lumia devices in Q1 next year and you can be pretty sure it’ll come with DRM-free music.

One feature request I have is that Nokia offer higher quality downloads over the air in addition to the compressed versions that are currently available. If I have a 3G plan, or am on WIFI, I shouldn’t be forced to download the compressed track. Additionally, high bitrate versions should be available for download on Macs as well.

People want to pay for music, but the pay per album or track model would not be successful in India and its great to see a service that offers them a way around it. If Nokia can keep the renewal price of its Nokia Music service reasonable, I’m sure a lot of people will only be too happy to ditch songs.pk!

Notes From Nokia India’s Lumia Launch: Mid December Availability, New Retail Experience To Boot

Nokia India yesterday held the official India launch event for its Lumia branded Windows Phones, outlining the strategy and philosophy with which the devices will go on sale. Both the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 are expected to be available mid December in India, making it one of the first few countries in the world to get the latest and greatest from Nokia.

There was no official word on pricing in India but it expected to follow global cues, the Lumia 800 is priced at 420 Euros before taxes, while the Lumia 710 is priced at 270 Euros. Correspondingly, I expect the Lumia 800 to launch around the 30,000 INR mark, while the Lumia 710 will retail at around 19,000 INR. The reason for the lack of an official price was pegged on the prevailing fluctuations in the global currencies, we can expect a official quote when pre-orders go live in early December.

We have extensively covered the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710 before, so this post is focussed on the maketing strategy that Nokia India will adopt to market these devices. The first step in this direction will be an all new retail experience, with 5000 top Nokia retail outlets getting a makeover.  This includes 2D and 3D branding and a flood of live demo units in the new Nokia arc, the number of live units so placed will be the largest ever for Nokia. The idea behind all of this is to bring the Nokia retail experience in India to a premium level, something which according to Nokia India MD D. Shivakumar has been missing so far. Infact, to ensure that the consumers experience the Lumia devices in the best possible way, sales will be limited to only those Nokia stores that will have received a facelift, so not every store across the street from you will be selling these devices.

Next a significant focus will be also be to train employees across these stores so that they can help the consumer with everything from questions before purchase to setting up devices after sale. So much so, that on the day the Lumia devices first go on sale across the country, each and every Nokia employee will be at one of these Nokia stores showing off the latest devices. Additionally, Nokia India will also be leveraging its Nokia Care centers to get the word out, all of which will feature what Nokia likes to call the ‘Lumia Experience’.

Finally, a few notes on the devices and services. Needless to say they will ship with Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive for free navigation across the India and the world. The India centric coverage has really improved in the last few months and a lot of cities also support 3D landmarks. Second, Mix Radio, Nokia’s genre based streaming service will also be available in India. Next, unlimited music downloads (similar to Comes With Music/ Ovi Music unlimited) are also coming to Lumia devices next year, and there is reason to hope that Nokia will try and go down the DRM free path this time, just like it distributes music in China.

Finally, here is a short video showcasing Nokia’s retail strategy and how it plans to attract consumers to its stores.