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Nokia India Introduces Handset Insurance: Cheap & Comprehensive

Nokia India today announced a partnership with New India Assurance, a government owned Insurance undertaking that will let new smartphones buyers purchase an insurance plan right from the Nokia store itself. The cost of insuring the handset will be 1.25% of the device’s price or Rs. 50, whichever is higher. The coverage will include external and internal damage from accidental drops, liquid damage and theft among other things.

Nokia Insurance

This facility will be available at Nokia Branded Retail stores in Delhi (NCR), Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Cochin starting March 14,’13 and will soon be made available across the country. Thus, you could insure a Rs. 35,000 device for less than Rs. 450 at the Nokia Store itself, and have a valid insurance policy from the minute you purchase the device.

Further, if you are willing to pay an additional 50 Rupees, you’ll also avail the service of a broker than New India Assurance and Nokia have agreed upon. This will entitle you to:

  • Free pickup and drop services in six cities, viz., Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad  Chennai and Kolkata. This includes free pick up (within 24 hours of a call being registered) and drop of the device in case of damage, or of documents in case of loss or theft.
  • Cashless service. Cashless service will allow claimants to submit their devices at the nearest authorised service centre and have their claims processed. If the damage is within purview of Insurance, the device will be repaired and be delivered back to the consumer at his door step.
  • Standby devices and chargers: In the interim period, consumers will also be provided with standby handsets and chargers.

For once you won’t have to worry about spilling a drink on the phone, or cracking the screen. A small premium gets you protection from:

  • Third party threatening to use violence resulting in damage or theft of device
  • Accidental damage to the exterior/interior components.
  • Damage caused by external impact on the device due to dropping and/or other deliberate action by third party.
  • Damage caused by accidental entry of fluid in the device’s internal circuitry
  • Loss of device through housebreaking.
  • Loss of device riots, strikes and other malicious acts
  • Theft of device from locked or unattended building, room or vehicle

This is a good deal.