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Ovi Music On The N9 Supports Streaming Radio

We’ve known that the N9 would come with an all new version of Ovi Music very different from the clients we’ve seen on other Symbian devices. But one thing that comes as a very pleasant surprise is that the client on the N9 in-addition to a new UI, also supports streaming radio.

You can browse music by genre as you would normally, but now you will also see a ‘Play genre radio’ button there and with one tap you can have Ovi Music stream tracks from that genre. The streaming service is powered by by Aupeo! and if you like what you hear, you can buy the track there and then right from within the Ovi Store.

Great for discovering new music and experimenting with genres. The obvious question is, when this functionality coming to the N9’s Symbian siblings? Another thing, why is it still called Ovi Music?

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