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Nokia Music Unlimited Launches In India For Windows Phone, Old Lumias Get A Year’s Subscription For Free

In addition to the Lumia 610 launch, Nokia India today also announced that Nokia Music was finally coming to its Windows Phone lineup. The Lumia 610 will be the first to ship with Nokia Music and Mix Radio pre-installed, but I was able to verify that both these services will also be coming to existing Lumia devices by the end of the month. Although, you will need to upgrade your devices to the latest tango build before you can use Nokia Music or Mix Radio.

The best part is that even if you already own a Nokia Lumia device such as the 800 or the 710, you will still get a full year’s subscription to the Nokia Music Store for free. I have been a huge fan of the service, and I’m glad to see Nokia take care of their existing customers as well. In addition to DRM free downloads from the Nokia Music store, users will also get access to Mix Radio that has specially curated playlists for the Indian market.