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Shazam Now Integrates With Nokia Music

Shazam is one of my favourite apps, and I always wondered why it didn’t integrate with Nokia Music, specially now that Windows Phone 8 lets apps talk to each other. I tweeted this to the Shazam team, they responded. Fast forward a few months, and the integration is live.

The brand new Shazam app for Windows Phone 8 now lets you simply tap on the Nokia Music button in the song you’ve tagged, and it takes you the music store where you can buy/download the song.

Shazam Nokia Music -1 Shazam Nokia Music -2

This Shazam + Nokia Music combo is even more awesome if you live in India, or another country where Nokia Music has a subscription model. You listen to a song, like it, tag it and download it, all for the grand cost of zero.

In addition to Nokia Music, Shazam also gives you options to view the song on YouTube or download it from Xbox Music or get the artist biography or Discography.

Shazam Now Integrates With Nokia Music

If you don’t already have it, get Shazam here.

Nokia Music Shows The World How To Kill Piracy: $26 A Year For Unlimited DRM Free Music

Nokia Music went DRM free in India in December last year and I thought it was a pretty big deal. When the service first launched, the idea was to give you access to a huge catalogue of DRM’d music for one year with the purchase of a new Nokia device, and after that one year you could keep all the music had downloaded, but there was no way to renew the subscription. If you wanted more downloads, you’d have to get a new ‘comes with music’ device.

Since then the service has changed considerably, and has been brought to low cost devices like the Asha series. These devices sell for less than $200, and come with the ability to download DRM free music that you can send to your friends, or copy and play on another device. Today via the official @NokiaIndia Twitter account, the ability to renew your Nokia Music subscription was announced. Currently you can only renew for one month at a time, and the cost of the recharge is just Rs. 113 a month which translates to just over $2.

(Downloaded from the Nokia Music Store, transferred to the Mac and from there onto the iPad and so on. DRM free win).

So for Rs. 1356 (just over $26) you can download millions of DRM free, high quality 256 kbps music – all year long. That’s just amazing. You can purchase a renewal pin online, or at a Nokia store in your city.

The Nokia Music Unlimited service in India gives you access to 4 million tracks, which in addition to a very large collection of international music, offers an extensive selection of local music, including some really old tracks that you’ll have a hard time finding anywhere else. Nokia Music Store includes wide-ranging catalogues from major global labels like Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Music, Nokia’s local partnership with Indian Music Industry (a consortium of more than 150 music companies), Hungama that represents major labels including Yash Raj, Tseries, and SIMCA (South Indian Music Companies Association), amongst others. Basically, it’ll have pretty much everything you are looking for. Plus, through things like the Nokia Music Theater, you’ll also find a selection of content from great local artists who haven’t become quite so popular, yet have excellent music.

All of that for a full year, for less than what you’d spend on a meal at a not so expensive restaurant. Rs. 113 is an unbelievable price, and if Nokia can stick to it, I am sure a lot of people will only be too happy to sign on. No service in the world offers access to such a large quantity of DRM free for such a small price. At least in India, Nokia Music has the potential of becoming a bigger draw than even Nokia Maps, and that’s saying a lot because Nokia Maps is an excellent itself.

There are still a few things I’d like them do to – the first is start supporting Macs. The tracks are DRM free MP3 files and there is no longer a technical reasons for the service to be Windows only. Next, I’d like to see Nokia offer higher quality downloads over the air in addition to the compressed versions that are currently available. If I have a 3G plan, or am on WIFI, I shouldn’t be forced to download the compressed track.

Finally, I cannot wait to see Nokia Music launch in India on the Lumia series as well.

PS: I am certain, Nokia will not be able to offer this price point in other countries. But for India, this is a great price.

Ovi Music On The N9 Supports Streaming Radio

We’ve known that the N9 would come with an all new version of Ovi Music very different from the clients we’ve seen on other Symbian devices. But one thing that comes as a very pleasant surprise is that the client on the N9 in-addition to a new UI, also supports streaming radio.

You can browse music by genre as you would normally, but now you will also see a ‘Play genre radio’ button there and with one tap you can have Ovi Music stream tracks from that genre. The streaming service is powered by by Aupeo! and if you like what you hear, you can buy the track there and then right from within the Ovi Store.

Great for discovering new music and experimenting with genres. The obvious question is, when this functionality coming to the N9’s Symbian siblings? Another thing, why is it still called Ovi Music?

If you’re looking to hear more about how the N9 performs as an entertainment device, hit this post from Nokia Conversations.

Nokia Music PC Application Launched

Nokia Music PC Application Out

Nokia Beta Labs has been really turning it on these past few. The Nokia Music PC application that was demoed way back last year has finally made out in an early beta form. The idea behind the application was ease of use and convenience. The application makes possible to rip CDs directly to a connected device (just drag and drop the CD icon to your device – job done!) and move playlists you have created while out and about back to your PC collection. Nokia Music is also one of the first applications to take use Microsoft’s new WPF technology.

As part of their policy of remaining open, the PC application should function with any MTP-compliant device, whether it be a Nokia device or another brand MP3 player! Future versions of the application will also integrate Nokia’s Music Store and things such as artwork retrieval and a recommendations feature.

Give it a rip and let them know what you think! Some people are reporting that they are having issues getting it to run on XP SP3 and the team is working on it. I’ll meanwhile install and see how it goes from there!