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Successor Match: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 808 PureView

Successor Match: Nokia N8 vs Nokia 808 PureView The Nokia N8 has been the best camera phone on the market for the past one year, even coming close to a DSLR in good light. The PureView 808 with its 41 Megapixel sensor promises to take that title away from its very able predecessor. While I was not able to do a camera shootout between the two, I was able to do a full hands-on comparison between the two.

The N8 now runs Nokia Belle, while the 808 will ships with Nokia Belle Feature Pack 1. Then it also has a 1.3 Ghz processor, compared to the 680 mhz chip on the N8. Also inside is a much more powerful GPU and another dedicated chip that takes the load off the camera.

Here is the full rundown (YouTube HD link):

Brilliant Films From The N8 Powered Nokia Shorts Competition

Remember the Nokia Shorts Competition we told you about?  The one that involved a grand prize of $10,000 and an all expenses trip to the London Film Museum, along with a chance to be one of the 8 entries that will be selected to receive $5,000 to produce the full version on two, Nokia N8’s. Yes, that one. Well its now over and we have a winner!

James Griffiths’s Splitscreen: A Love Story, a filmed on two N8s – one in Paris, one in New York, it places the two screens together to tell a story of two lovers that ultimately intertwines. More on this at the Nseries blog.

In total there are a bunch of 8 short films shot entirely on Nokia N8s, and if you look at them you would have a very hard time believing that something you carry in your pocket everyday can produce such great work.

Check out all the films on Nokia’s Vimeo page. Great stuff.

Nokia N8 v Nokia N9 HD Video Capture

If you are wondering about the all new Nokia N9’s video capture capabilities, and how it measures up to the reining king, the Nokia N8, then this post might be able to help. The Nokia shoots 720p HD video at 24 frames per second out of the box with, while the Nokia N9 will be capable of shooting in 720p HD at 30 frames a second. Another difference is that the N8 uses an active hyper focal video focus system, which means that everything beyond 60 cms will be in focus, while the N9 will use continuous auto focus while recording to keep track of objects up close and afar.

Nokia N8 v Nokia N9 HD Video Capture

However, the thing to be noted is that the N8 post the Symbian Anna update will also get video capture at 30 FPS along with continuous auto focus, bringing it on par with the N9. Meanwhile video samples from the russian website allnokia.ru have popped up on YouTube, one from the N8 and another from the N9 shooting the same room. The Nokia N8 is running Anna, but it isn’t clear if the camera update has been installed. Also, the Nokia N9 is still running proto software, and when it comes to camera settings, things keep improving till the minute the device starts to ship, so this sample in no way represents the finished product. But if you’re curious, watch the samples below.

Nokia N8

Nokia N9

Please take these with a pinch of salt, given the state of the N9 development, its probably too early to post samples, but its not as if we’re judging!

Hat tip to @Camb078.

The Bellagio Fountains Captured On A Nokia N8

Over the last few days I have been traveling around the United States with the N8 in my pocket as my primary camera. I do also have a DSLR in my bag, but I have realised that I only use it for something exceptional that I want to capture. If there is enough day light, I have mostly preferred to use the N8, because its faster, easier and most importantly has the ability to share instantly.

The Bellagio Fountains Captured On A Nokia N8

While in Las Vegas, I was able to capture some beautiful footage of the famous Bellagio Fountains with the N8. The video was shot at night and is a prime example of what the N8 is capable of. See for yourself, make sure you watch in HD.

Over the last few months I have come to expect some high quality footage from the N8, but as you can see above, the N8 does manage to outdo itself at times.

Nokia Big Screen Gives Your HDMI Capable Phones A Whole New Way To Interact With Your TV

From time to time, Nokia’s Beta Labs comes out with some great gems, today is one such day. The free Nokia Big Screen app takes the process of connecting your HDMI devices (N8, E7) to the TV onto a whole new level with a very slick UI. You could still watch videos or photos on your HDTV without the app, but where the app really shines is making that interaction a pleasure. Once installed, it automatically launches the moment you connect an HDMI cable to your phone and now instead of a mirror of the phone UI’s you get something that looks like a Media Center, much more easy on the eye and faster to navigate.

Once connected you can use the directional pad that pops up on the phone’s touch, or use a Wii Remote or a bluetooth keyboard. As you can see in the video, having a Wii Remote handy does help take the experience up a notch or two. The post on the beta labs blog also mentions a bunch of other things that you can do with the app:

  • Show your photos and videos in high definition on your TV screen
  • Listen to music from your phone on your home audio system
  • View song lyrics in karaoke style and watch videos with subtitles
  • Play music in the background while you browse your photos
  • Enjoy slideshows with music of your choice
  • Have a screen saver activate after a minute’s idle time to protect your TV
  • Use your phone as an entertainment hub you can take everywhere with you

Once you get to the download page, you will also find useful information about adding bluetooth devices such as a Wii Remote or a keyboard. If you want to avoid the hassle of signing in to download, here’s the direct link.

N8 Producers: Shooting Video On Your N8 Could Get You A Zero Gravity Flight Experience

The #N8Producers Competition has just gone live and what’s on stake is a zero gravity flight experience for 8 people from anywhere in the world.

N8 Producers CompetitionTo put it simply, you shoot some awesome (read as: innovative, creative and exciting!) video on your N8, share it and if it finds a mention in the top 8 submissions you and a friend (that’s 16 people in total) will be headed to an exclusive N8 Producers Zero Gravity flight in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

But what if you don’t have a N8? Don’t worry, just head over to this page submit your idea and you could get a N8 Producers trial pack to make the idea a reality. You have time till January 31st 2011 to submit your entries, but if you need a N8 trial pack then the last date to submit your idea is the 10th of Jan. The winner will be announced in early February.

If you were wondering about the trial pack, well here is what it could look like. Instead of wrist strap you could also get a waterproof case, helmet strap and so on.

N8 Producers Trial Pack

Head over to the N8 Producers site to get started.