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Video Demo: Nokia DC-18 Portable Charger – Compact, Trendy & Economical

At the Asha 501 launch event, Nokia also quietly announced a cool new accessory in the form of the DC-18, its latest portable charging solution. The square shaped box (57 x 57 x 14.9mm) packs a 1720 mAh battery and comes in cyan, white, red, and yellow. Inside it resides a micro USB port that can be plugged into any device that supports micro USB charging for a quick top off.


While its 1720 mAh battery might not be enough to completely charge some of the higher end devices like the Lumias or Samsung’s Android phones, but the DC-18’s 1720 mAh is enough to help get through a day. If you own a Asha device, you’ll be able to get a full charge. The DC-18 joins its elder sibling the 2200 mAh DC-16 as part of Nokia portable charging solutions.

The DC-18 features a sliding microUSB connecter, and everytime you slide it in or out, the four LED lights on the device light up to tell you how much juice is left inside the battery pack. The video demo below should give you a better idea of how this works:

The DC-18 will hit stores in June/July at an estimated price of 15 Euros without taxes. In India it is expected to launch at around the 1000 INR price point.

Note: The device in the video features LEDs that look slightly different from those in the press photos, perhaps because they were prototypes.

Hands On: Nokia DC-16 Portable Charger

In all the hype surrounding the high profile launch of the 41 Megapixel powered Nokia 808 and the Lumia 900 world edition, it was easy to miss out on another excellent addition to Nokia’s accessory lineup, the DC-16 portable charger. The great looking device comes in a bunch of colours, focuses on fast charging and packs a very decent 2200 mAh as battery capacity.

It can be charged via microUSB and ships with a USB cable that also houses a microUSB port in the front. However, if you plug your iPhone cable in, that should work just as well. It features 4 LED lights in the bottom to tell you how much of juice is left inside it.


  • Dimensions: 120 x 23,3 x 23,3 mm
  • Weight: 75g
  • Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Output current: 950 mA
  • Stand-by time: After 3+ months stand-by time over 75% capacity left
  • Charging time: 5 hours maximum
  • Charging interface: micro-USB (in/out) and standard USB (out)
  • Battery cycle life: 500+ cycle

Here is a hands on video in which I give the device a quick once over. It will retail at about 25 Euros before taxes, which is about 1600 INR. It is expected to go on sale in the first quarter 2012, which translates to this month itself.

What I specially liked about the DC-16 was its design, the long cylindrical shape means that it will be easy to slide into the pocket along with the phone. Most other portable chargers are thick rectangular blocks that cause a huge bulge in the pocket if you attempt to carry them along with the phone.