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What Would You Like To See In Nokia’s Windows Phones?

Nokia has had just under a year to work on Windows Phone devices and in this short period of time it would be a little harsh to expect miracles and a distinct Nokia flavour to its Windows Phone offerings. The device(s) that will be shown off at Nokia World next month will possibly be based on pre-existing designs, but Mobile World Congress 2012 isn’t too far either and Nokia is already promising a big show there. That’s when we’ll see the first made from a scratch Nokia Windows Phone devices.

What Would You Like To See In Nokia's Windows Phones?

So the question is, what would you like to see in Nokia’s future Windows Phone devices? Lets start with a few basics:

  • Customisation: Nokia is the only Windows phone licensee who has the liberty to make changes to the Windows phone UI and that’s a huge concession Microsoft made to get Nokia onboard. So it is legitimate to expect Nokia make use of that ability, specially after they fought for it. However Nokia’s already on record to say that they will not change just for the sake of change and will preserve the basic tenants of the UI. The Windows phone devices released this year would probably be vanilla WP, with a distinct Nokia flavour only coming in 2012.
  • FM Transmitter: With the N78, Nokia started putting an FM transmitter inside its devices and since then a lot of its high end smartphones have packed that functionality. The N8, N97 and even the N9 have this capability. This is probably the only feature that is unique to Nokia devices and none of the other popular smartphone manufacturers have the functionality in place. I absolutely love having it, and I know people who are still holding onto their N97s just because of this feature. Over the years, we’ve seen the number of devices getting a FM transmitter drop and I really hope that Nokia equips their Windows phone lineup with it. It is a unique selling point, please tap it. With the right advertising, it would be a huge selling point.
  • Mass Storage: Nokia devices (both S40 and Symbian) have since long supported the ‘Mass Storage’ profile that lets you use your smartphone’s internal storage like any other flash drive. This is great for drag and drop file management and needless to say very convenient. Windows phone unfortunately doesn’t support this functionality out of the box and this is where I’d like to see Nokia use its ability to customize the Windows phone experience and make the jump for their existing customers seamless.
  • Maps: Nokia’s made it clear that Nokia Maps are coming to Windows Phone based devices and on faster hardware, the mapping experience will better than ever. The only question is whether we’ll be seeing them at Nokia World or later in the year. My guess is Nokia World.
  • Large Displays: With screen sizes going up by the minute, phones with 4.3″ displays are becoming common. The largest screen size on Nokia phones has been the 4″ display on the X7 and E7. One reason why Nokia probably hasn’t experimented with larger displays is because they didn’t want to go any higher without improving the screen resolution and changing that with Symbian devices would have broken a few apps. With Windows phone they have the license to go bigger and I would love to see 4.3″ devices from Nokia. I would also like it better if the screens were wider, which in turn would make the portrait QWERTY experience better.

What hardware or software features are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section below!