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The Run Up To Nokia World, Predictions & Expectations

Nokia World kicks off tomorrow morning at 9 AM London time and in less than 24 hours we will know what the new face of Nokia looks like. Nokia, a company that prides itself on its ability to adapt and change right from rubber to modern telecommunications, stands at the cusp of something brand new, something that could make or break it. This Nokia World is more than just an event for announcing new hardware, for Nokia it represents the culmination of the events that started taking place post Stephen Elop’s announcement as the CEO and President of Nokia, which in turn presented themselves in the famous strategy announcement of February 12, 2011.

Tomorrow is the day Nokia stands proud, waiting to be judged on whether or not did it correctly put all its eggs in the right basket. Over the afternoon I took a walk around the venue for Nokia World and caught a sneak at the last minute preparations that are on in full swing. You can tell, everyone is excited and the energy is infectious. If I was already looking forward to Nokia World today, now I absolutely cannot wait to see what Nokia has up its sleeve.

We’ve known for a while that Nokia’s Windows Phones will ship with Mango, with a limited amount of customization. A period of eight months isn’t nearly enough to add much value to Mango and we’ll perhaps have to wait to see what Nokia’s influence on Microsoft creates. But what we can count on is that Nokia Maps will replace Bing Maps on the device, so will Nokia Music and both of these services add tremendous value to the handset. Bing Maps isn’t the best solution in the market, while Nokia Maps is right up there with the best. Nokia has music stores in a ton of major countries around the world, and having it pre-loaded on a Nokia Windows Phone device seems like a brilliant proposition.

Even on the day the partnership was announced, I was optimistic and the events unfolding in the next 8 months and the evolution of the OS has certainly made me affirm my view. Mango has been getting constant positive feedback and Google’s deal with Motorola has further backed Stephen Elop’s vision of Microsoft being a better fit for Nokia’s assets.

Whether we see three devices tomorrow or just one, tomorrow will be remembered as the day when Nokia either got back on its path of world domination 0r slipped towards the murky waters of failure. The devices we see tomorrow may not even end up on sale around the world, but they will definitely set the tone for whats to come, and it today’s world its almost as if mindshare is everything.

All signs point to a new Nokia that promises and delivers – faster, stronger and harder.  Nokia, the world is watching, I cannot wait to see you deliver.

PS: On the fun side of things, the awesome foursquare powered Nokia Gift machine will be at Nokia World, so if you are here, make sure you check it out! The keynotes will be live streamed here.

Nokia World Is Happenning In London, October 26-27

Nokia just made the dates for Nokia World 2011 official, its happening in London on October 26-27. The Nokia World website just went online and the good news is that you can already register for the event, the fee is 695€  for the 200 first registrations after which it’ll go back to the regular fee of 995€. So if Windows Phone announcements is something you’re looking forward to, go register now.

The website also has a brief outline of the agenda, the opening keynote on Day 1 starts at 9:00 am followed by other sessions and a networking evening post 17:30. Nokia Collaboration Day is also happening at the time time for Nokia’s suppliers from 11:00 to 8:00 pm in the evening.

The venue for this year’s event remains the same as last year, the ICC London ExCeL, located at the center of London Docklands.

Nokia World 2011 promises to be the biggest and what would be the most hyped Nokia event of the year, that is virtually guaranteed to see the Nokia Windows Phone reveal.

Live From Nokia World 2010

Its not long before Nokia World 2010 kicks off in the morning, we’re pretty much bang next to the venue and raring to go. The live blog’s all set up waiting for 9AM London time when the keynote kicks off. Go here for all the latest #NokiaWorld posts.

Live From Nokia World 2010

If you think you’ll forget, bookmark this page and set a reminder below. I will also be live tweeting the highlights @TheHandheldBlog. For other things around Nokia World, you can follow my personal account at @v4ibhav.