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Screen Test: Nokia Lumia 1520 versus Galaxy Note 3

1200-nokia_lumia_1520_yellow-1Nokia’s so proud of the display that they put in the Lumia 1520 that they had setup a demo zone that simulated the lighting available during various times of the day e.g. in sunlight, indoors etc and the idea was to see how the screen kept up with the changing lighting.

Both devices were set to automatic maximum brightness, and this is how they stood up.

Hint: The Nokia killed it.

Nokia World Comes Along, Possibly For The Last Time – October 22, Abu Dhabi

The date and location for what could turn out to the last Nokia World ever has just been announced, and this year’s Nokia extravaganza takes place in Abu Dhabi on the 22nd of October. Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Nokia’s handset division, but till the time that happens, its business as usual for Nokia. There have been lots of rumours recently about a Lumia phablet and a Lumia Windows RT tablet, and all of those things are more should come to fruition come the 22nd of October.

Nokia World 2013

This is the first time Nokia’s annual Nokia World event is happening outside Europe, and the fact that this could be the last Nokia World makes it even more special. It takes time for acquisitions such as the present one to close, so it is possible that Nokia might still be the Nokia that we know today by the time Mobile World Congress comes along, but there’s a negligible chance that there will be time for another Nokia World.

I’m sure all the Nokia employees know this, and will be pumped for a final blowout before they come under the big Microsoft umbrella. I greatly look forward to remembering this as the best Nokia World, instead of the last. October 22nd can’t come soon enough.

Details Of Parallel Nokia World Events Start Popping Up: New York – Sep. 5

With this year’s Nokia World, Nokia’s decided to move away from the single, large-scale event that Nokia World usually is (was), to a ‘number of smaller, more intimate events with specific audiences in mind’. The first such event is scheduled to happen in Helsinki on September 5-6, and will be an invitation-only event that will cater primarily to Nokia’s operator and retail partners. This leaves no room for media announcements, and press presence. Therefore, it was doubtful whether Nokia would announce its first Windows Phone 8 devices, or would they just show them to their retail/operator partners in behind the door, hush-hush meetings.

However, details of a joint Nokia/Microsoft press conference taking place in New York on Sep. 5 have emerged. September 5 being the same day on which Nokia World takes place in Helsinki. The doors to the NYC press conference open at 9:30 am NYC time, fairly early for a press event of this magnitude, but also a good time if they were trying to hold it parallel events in multiple time zones around the world.

Ever since the official announcement of Windows Phone 8, Nokia’s been under pressure to keep selling its older Lumia devices, especially when they won’t be getting the upgrade to WP 8. Therefore it is imperative for them to refresh the lineup as quickly as possible and a September announcement is a very positive indicator indeed. Remember, Nokia’s flagship store in Helsinki is already promising that something amazing is coming on September 7th. If Nokia can announce devices on September 5th and put them on sale on September 7th, that would classify as something beyond amazing.

There are still a lot of ‘if’s’ in the equation, but all indicators to point to a hardware reveal on September 5th. Windows Phone 8 looks like a worthy upgrade and coupled with Nokia’s uncompromising Maps and Camera goodness, the new Lumias might just be the flavour of the holiday season.

Finally, the New York press conference is just one such event, don’t be surprised if we see something similar happening in other cities around the world, after-all London’s been a Nokia favourite in the past as well. Nokia World has always had all these tracks running simultaneously with Nokia’s CEO jumping in and out of each, but with parallel events happening across the word, what I’m curious about is, to which of these events will Stephen Elop go? What does he prioritise, press interviews and a public reveal of Nokia’s latest and greatest, or a heart to heart with Nokia’s operator and retail partners? Although if the new Lumias are to ship in September, deals with operators/retails would have been hammered out long before then.

[Image credit: TechCrunch]

Nokia World 2012 Shifts To Helsinki: September 25-26

London had become the defacto destination for the annual Nokia World event after it took place at the same venue, both in 2010 and 2011. However, change is afoot at Nokia and Nokia Conversations has just revealed that Nokia World 2012 will take place in Helsinki this year, on September 25-26.

Nokia World 2012 Shifts To Helsinki: September 25-26

(Nokia House, Espoo)

This is the first time that the annual extravaganza will happen on Nokia’s home turf, Finland. It was at Nokia World ’11 that Stephen Elop revealed the Lumia series, calling them the ‘first real Windows Phones’ but it will be Nokia World 2012 where we’ll see the first real ‘Nokia Windows Phones’. The Nokia-Microsoft partnership was announced one year ago and by September 2012 Nokia would have had a good 18 months to work with Microsoft to bring a distinct Nokia flavour to their devices.

The second half of the year is also the rumored time frame for the next version of Windows Phone, Apollo. Apollo is the version that is rumoured to bring hi-res screens, multi core processors, NFC and all the other much awaited functionality to Redmond’s OS. I have no doubt that we’ll be seeing Nokia Apollo devices at Nokia World 2012 making it the most exciting and important Nokia World, yet.

The event website has just been launched and is understandably a little thin on details, but you can check it out anyway. The event will take place at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre,

If you are planning to make the trip, the Helsinki weather in September is still fairly pleasant with about 7 hours of daylight.

The Run Up To Nokia World, Predictions & Expectations

Nokia World kicks off tomorrow morning at 9 AM London time and in less than 24 hours we will know what the new face of Nokia looks like. Nokia, a company that prides itself on its ability to adapt and change right from rubber to modern telecommunications, stands at the cusp of something brand new, something that could make or break it. This Nokia World is more than just an event for announcing new hardware, for Nokia it represents the culmination of the events that started taking place post Stephen Elop’s announcement as the CEO and President of Nokia, which in turn presented themselves in the famous strategy announcement of February 12, 2011.

Tomorrow is the day Nokia stands proud, waiting to be judged on whether or not did it correctly put all its eggs in the right basket. Over the afternoon I took a walk around the venue for Nokia World and caught a sneak at the last minute preparations that are on in full swing. You can tell, everyone is excited and the energy is infectious. If I was already looking forward to Nokia World today, now I absolutely cannot wait to see what Nokia has up its sleeve.

We’ve known for a while that Nokia’s Windows Phones will ship with Mango, with a limited amount of customization. A period of eight months isn’t nearly enough to add much value to Mango and we’ll perhaps have to wait to see what Nokia’s influence on Microsoft creates. But what we can count on is that Nokia Maps will replace Bing Maps on the device, so will Nokia Music and both of these services add tremendous value to the handset. Bing Maps isn’t the best solution in the market, while Nokia Maps is right up there with the best. Nokia has music stores in a ton of major countries around the world, and having it pre-loaded on a Nokia Windows Phone device seems like a brilliant proposition.

Even on the day the partnership was announced, I was optimistic and the events unfolding in the next 8 months and the evolution of the OS has certainly made me affirm my view. Mango has been getting constant positive feedback and Google’s deal with Motorola has further backed Stephen Elop’s vision of Microsoft being a better fit for Nokia’s assets.

Whether we see three devices tomorrow or just one, tomorrow will be remembered as the day when Nokia either got back on its path of world domination 0r slipped towards the murky waters of failure. The devices we see tomorrow may not even end up on sale around the world, but they will definitely set the tone for whats to come, and it today’s world its almost as if mindshare is everything.

All signs point to a new Nokia that promises and delivers – faster, stronger and harder.  Nokia, the world is watching, I cannot wait to see you deliver.

PS: On the fun side of things, the awesome foursquare powered Nokia Gift machine will be at Nokia World, so if you are here, make sure you check it out! The keynotes will be live streamed here.