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Video: Lumia 800 Uncovered – Office Integration Shown Off In One Minute

The Nokia Lumia 800 ships with Windows Phone Mango, and therefore has the best mobile Office client there is. It lets you create and edit both Word documents and Excel sheets, and even has a few templates to get you started. You can also view  Powerpoint presentations, but what I like the most is the One Note integration. It lets you add voice notes, text and pictures in one go and automatically syncs to your Sky Drive account so you have access to your notes from anywhere in the world, seamlessly.

Also, all the smooth Windows Phone transitions make the Office client surprisingly good to look at, in turn making the thought of editing work documents on the go, almost appealing. So much so that I was ready to do just that, on a boat!

These one minute videos are part of Nokia’s Lumia 800 Uncovered series, looking at some of the Lumia 800 and Nokia Windows Phones’ features in general. They make for a fun watch, so I recommend you keep an eye on the official Nokia YouTube channel, there’s already videos about Nokia Drive and the Camera there, and I know for a fact that there are more to come.

But for some reason if one minute videos aren’t your style, there’s always my 15 minute look at the Lumia 800.