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How To Update The Firmware OTA

This post is for the benefit of those of you who’ve had complications while trying to update the firmware OTA or have no idea as to how to go about it. The following screenshots and the accompanying commentary should give you an idea of what to expect while undertaking the process. The advantage of updating OTA is that you do not need a computer to do it and the data transferred in the process is minimal. Lastly, your data including contacts and files remain intact.

1. Hit *#0000# in the standby screen to reach the first screen or simply open the device manager. Hit the middle button and select ‘Check for updates’. The second screen will appear.

2. The application will connect and try and establish a connection.

3. In case an update is available, you will be presented with the screen on the right.

4. Wait for the firmware to download and the screen on the right. Then select ‘Now’.

5. Accept all warnings and you should be on your way. The phone will restart and meanwhile you should see a progress bar during the update.

6. When the phone boots up you will receive a confirmation about the update. To make sure fire up the device manager once more and that will be it. Enjoy the new firmware.

Note: The above screen shots were from my N96 update, however the procedure is similar on OTA capable devices.