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Is Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited Coming To An End?

If the following screen shot is to be believed, Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited service may be coming to an end, at least in Finland. This means that no Finland bound OMU devices will be shipping from Nokia’s factories in the current year but if you can find one already in the market, you should have no trouble in going ahead and activating the same for your full 1 year period.

Is Nokia's Ovi Music Unlimited Coming To An End?

E’s Phone Blog translates it as:

  • New OMU bundled devices will not be shipped from Nokia’s factory after 31.12.2010.
  • The 1-year license can’t be renewed after 10.1.2011.
  • No effect on devices bought with OMU/CWM. These can still be activated for the 1-year free music download service.
  • No change for users who already have activated the license. When their current license expires, they’re not provided with an ability to renew the license.
  • No change in the Ovi Music store.

Assuming the above is not fake, in most cases a policy change in Finland, usually signals a change around the world, but I doubt this would be the case this time. The Ovi Music Store in countries like India, does not have individual tracks or albums on sale and the only way to use it is via a voucher than comes with your phone. If Ovi Music Unlimited shuts down in India, then all the investment and partnerships that Nokia have worked on in India would be a waste. Unless of course they now decide that selling music individually is a better business model in India, and that they were wrong all these years in not opening the store to purchases.

Don’t see that happening.

[via: ZCJ]