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Ovi Music On The N9 Supports Streaming Radio

We’ve known that the N9 would come with an all new version of Ovi Music very different from the clients we’ve seen on other Symbian devices. But one thing that comes as a very pleasant surprise is that the client on the N9 in-addition to a new UI, also supports streaming radio.

You can browse music by genre as you would normally, but now you will also see a ‘Play genre radio’ button there and with one tap you can have Ovi Music stream tracks from that genre. The streaming service is powered by by Aupeo! and if you like what you hear, you can buy the track there and then right from within the Ovi Store.

Great for discovering new music and experimenting with genres. The obvious question is, when this functionality coming to the N9’s Symbian siblings? Another thing, why is it still called Ovi Music?

If you’re looking to hear more about how the N9 performs as an entertainment device, hit this post from Nokia Conversations.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From Any PC

We’ve just had news that Nokia is shutting down their ‘Comes With Music’ aka ‘Ovi Music Unlimited’ services in all but 6 countries. But since your current subscriptions are still valid, you might as well make use of the service as long as it lasts.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From Any PC

The one problem with downloading Ovi Music Unlimited tracks is that your subscription is tied to that one PC you authorized when you first activated your subscription. It is possible to change your ‘registered PC’ once every 90 days, but chances are you would like to be able to download music from any PC you could find, specially because the Ovi Music Store only offers low bitrate downloads over the air to your phone directly. This is where the ‘Ovi Music Downloader’ comes in.

The Ovi Music Downloader lets you download music from the Ovi Music Store on any PC using your existing ‘Ovi Music Unlimited’ subscription. You can also choose to download the 5 MB app if you would rather not deal with the Ovi Music Player.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From 'Any' PC

  • If you haven’t changed the registered PC in the past and have Ovi Player installed, when you first connect your Ovi Music Unlimited device, you will be prompted with the above dialog box. But you can ignore this if you have no intention of changing your registered PC.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From 'Any' PC

  • Visit music.ovi.com and sign in, you will now see a download button next to the music. Hit that and you will be prompted to down the ‘Ovi Music Downloader’. Download and install.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From 'Any' PC

  • You will also be prompted to install the Microsoft DRM tool, install again.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From 'Any' PC

  • Next hit the download button next to the albums/tracks and the Ovi Music Downloader will launch. Connect your device via USB and the app will start directly downloading the music to your phone.

How To Download Ovi Music Unlimited Tracks From 'Any' PC

  • This dialog box will apprise you of the content already transferred.

That’s it. The only drawback is that you will not be able to play the music you just downloaded on the PC, although understandably due to DRM issues. I have tested this app with the Indian Ovi Music Store, if this works in your country as well, please let us know in the comments section.

Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

In an apparent effort to help those of you not whizzing away on high speed 3G or WiFi networks, Nokia has cut down the average download size of all its tracks by more than half on the Ovi Music Store in India. While this means that your average track in now barely 2 MB in size, the new found feather weight does come at a price. The new low bitrate means that the music no longer sounds as nice and at times is even worse than listening to your local radio station on the phone. It is quite all right if you plan on playing it through the loudspeaker, but the moment you plug in your headphones or use the FM transmitter, the difference in quality becomes obvious.

Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

(A Random Download From The Ovi Store)

Fortunately, Nokia still offers the same higher quality downloads via the Ovi Player on the PC. But if you use a Mac, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to high quality music from the Ovi Store, unless of course you are happy dual booting.

Nokia Cuts Ovi Music OTA Download Size In Half

(The Same Track On The Ovi Player For PC)

While I do see Nokia’s best intentions in pleasing the majority who probably don’t use fast connections, I would be much more happy if they did allow users to choose between the different qualities while downloading directly from the phone. After all, even on a GPRS connection, I’d rather have one good quality track than two which sound bad.

Since they already have both versions on the music on their servers, adding a second ‘Download in high quality’ button shouldn’t be such a tough job, because in its current state, considering I use a Mac, I might have to reconsider Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited Deserves More Credit Than It Receives.

What would you rather have? Lighter downloads or higher quality?

Nokia Music Becomes DRM Free – Turns Into Ovi Music In The Process

I have just received an awesome email from the Nokia India Music store with the much awaited news that Nokia Music is finally going DRM free and that it will soon merge into the Ovi brand. The email carries no specific date for the transition to occur, we can only hope it happens soon.

DRM free means that you can use the music you downloaded from the Nokia store on any device, be it your computer, mobile phone or mp3 player. After Ovi Maps going free, Nokia saw a lot of traction for the service. Will going DRM free do the same for ‘Ovi Music’? Time will tell.

Nokia is turning things around! This development also means that we should soon see Ovi Music support Macs and move away from the IE only interface, something that will make me and many others people happy.

Nokia Music will soon become Ovi Music. This means all the tracks you download will be DRM-free, MP3 files that you can now play on a PC, Mac or any personal music player! Plus, as part of the change to Ovi, we’ve enhanced our search capability so it’s easier than ever to find the music you want.
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What you need to do:
Absolutely nothing. We will create a Nokia Account for you and send you an email when we become Ovi music. Until then, try to avoid changing any of your Nokia Music account details such as password, email address and mobile number.

As part of the move to Ovi Music we will be creating a Nokia Account for you. If you do not wish to use Ovi Music and no longer wish to have a Nokia Account you can email us in next 5 days. By using these services, you accept the Ovi Music TermsOvi Service Terms and the Privacy Policy. You may not use the services if you don’t accept the terms.