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Ovi Store Roll Out Begins – Australia Gets It First

AAS reports that the Ovi Store roll out has begun with a soft launch in Australia. The Ovi Store is now available on a Nokia E75  (and other Nokia’s as well?) on the Australian operator Vodafone. This should mean that we’ll slowly see the Ovi Store debut in other countries as well this week.


  • Ovi Store is also available on the Nokia N97s in Forum Nokia RDA program.
  • Ovi Store working on multiple devices / operator variants in Australia.
  • Ovi Store is available in Ireland.
  • Ovi Store is available in Singapore

Ovi Store Launches In Australia

The Ovi Store will be available via the Download! client. Choose Options > Refresh content, then enter the ‘Nokia Extras’ category in order to look for the Ovi Store. The location may vary depending on what region you are in.