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Nseries PC Suite Now Out Of Beta

Nseries PC Suite 

The Nseries PC Suite has made it out of Beta and is available for download from the Nseries Support Site. It will now also be shipped with the upcoming Nseries devices. The application was not well received in the beginning however after continous updates it has accquired a decent shape. I personally still prefer the conventional PC Suite however this version does have its share of fans. What do you use and recommend?


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Nokia PC Suite Version 6.85 Released

Version 6.85 

Nokia PC Suite has been updated to 6.85 and with the updated has come quite an ovehaul and is available from the PC Suite page. The new UI looks great and here’s a rundown of some of the new featues it brings. I’ve been beta testing it for the past few weeks and must say I find this even better than the Nseries PC Suite!

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