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Phone Wallet: (Almost) Essential Add On!

 Phone WalletPhone Wallet

With the current way of life, every other day we are signing up for a new services online and that means more usernames, passwords and so on to remember in addition to the thousand other things the mind is already occupied with. I personally have been faced with the situation of forgetting my passwords for sites I do not use much, many a time.

There was a time when most Nokia S60 phones came with a built in wallet application called wallet which could encrypt and store all your usernames, passwords, credit card details, notes etc. Sadly, that has been discontinued! Basically what I’m hinting at is that there is a need for a application that keeps track of all of these little things and we just need to remember one password that gives us access to everything. The application that comes closest to doing this is Phone Wallet by SymbianGuru.

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