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Come 2011, Symbian^3 Devices Will Become A Whole Lot Better With 50+ Enhancements

The message that Nokia sent out today the SEE 2010, was that they were listening to consumer feedback and have been working to bring 50+ enhancements to existing and future Symbian based devices. While these are features that we have been wanting for quite sometime, it is good to see a definitive roadmap formulate.

Come 2001, Symbian^3 Devices Will Become A Whole Lot Better With 50+ Enhancements

So what’s coming? A new browser(!), a portrait QWERTY keyboard along with Swype in portrait mode and split screen based text input in addition to other improvements that Nokia didn’t enlist. The time frame they have provided is ‘early 2011’, which means late January or early February to me, if was any latter they would used the words Q1, 2011. So what does this mean for devices like the N8 and C7? That a big PR 2.0 will be rolled out somewhere that time, which will bring them on par with whatever new Symbian based devices that Nokia has lined up when it comes to software.

Since there is no Symbian^4 anymore and Symbian is following an evolution based model of updates without the Symbian Foundation’s update cycles, it is also possible that some of these things are released independently, may be via beta labs at first. But in all probability, we’ll see a nice housekeeping firmware update going into the holiday season and a massive and very desirable update once we are out of it.

[Image via AAS]